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Fire Drawing Workshop and Fire Performance - At Your Location in Portugal

Fire Drawing Workshop and Fire Performance - At Your Location in Portugal

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Arta Raituma is a multidisciplinary artist from Latvia, who is currently living and working in Lisbon, Portugal.
The core medium of Arta’s daily artwork practice is wood-burning, often combined with painting and organic materials that serve as complementary parts of the overall installation. Arta often adds documentary photography and performance to her art creations as part of the entire narrative.

During her "Fire Drawing Workshop and Fire Performance", you learn several techniques of how to use the element fire to make your own beautiful, natural drawings.
First, you learn a wood-burning technique using matches and candles:
A hazy, nuanced visual effect can be achieved by the symbiosis of the flame and organic surface. 
Then, a second technique is carried out by using a pyrograph, a wood burning tool that allows to draw on wooden surfaces. This tool is a pen-like device with a metal end. Various textures and patterns can be created, leaving dark brown marks on the surface. All materials for the workshop are provided such as candles, matches, a plywood panel, a pyrography tool, and tape.

After the workshop part, Arta will give you a fire performance. During the performance, she uses several fire props such as a fire poi and fire fans, to 'juggle' by creating a spinning motion, a sort of dance with the wild element. 

Length of workshop: 2 hours
Number of people: 3 - 12 people
Location: At Your Location, or Online in-person
Price per person: € 70; includes all materials and fire performance of 30 minutes.
Minimum advance booking time: 7 days
Next workshops dates are: On demand

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