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"Dive Into All Ceramic Techniques" Workshop - in Porto, Portugal

"Dive Into All Ceramic Techniques" Workshop - in Porto, Portugal

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Nature is a source of inspiration and motivation for the Porto-based artist Sara Bacalhau. The slow process of creating ceramics is something she finds both challenging and fulfilling. 

Back in 2020, Sara went to a workshop where she experimented with clay for the very first time. Ever since she's never stopped experimenting with her favorite material. And one day in 2022, she finally decided to quit college, to build a ceramic studio at her home and to start hosting workshops.

With her Dive Into All Ceramic Techniques✨ Workshops, ceramic artist Sara provides you with a creative experience where you can explore the most common ceramic creation techniques:

Pinching, Coiling, Slab building and the famous Pottery wheel.

Sara provides all the materials and tools necessary for the development of your future art pieces. 
The finished piece delivery may take between 4 to 5 weeks, due to the drying time. It always depends on temperature and humidity. Once your ceramic art creations are all dried and finished, they can be shipped to your home for an additional shipping cost.

Length of workshop: 3 hours
Number of people: 2 - 5 people
Location: At Sara's atelier in Porto, Portugal.
Price per person: € 58, includes all equipment, water and coffee.
Minimum advance booking time: 7 days
Next workshops dates are: Everyday

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