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Creativity Workshop with Tiia in Brussels, Belgium

Creativity Workshop with Tiia in Brussels, Belgium

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In Tiia’s Creativity Workshop in Brussels, Belgium, she’s offering you space and guidance to reawaken your creativity.

By giving you small tasks to paint and express your creativity, you can reconnect with yourself and learn ways to start and maintain your creative process.

Tiia can also help you to identify your strengths and qualities in artwork, and how to use them for the benefit of all.

The Creativity Workshop which takes place at the artist's home and atelier in Brussel, Belgium, suits you if you are seeking your creativity and wish to slow down or wish to do a team-building activity with your work colleagues or friends.

Please note:
All profits from this workshop are donated to Akasha Academy, an institute of integrated education, to protect life on our precious planet, empower women, and support the freedom of choice of people.

The planet Earth that we all share has its limits. To restore the environment, and preserve natural resources and local biodiversity, we need environmental education and awareness raising across the globe.

The donations collected from this Creativity Workshop are supporting an education program in Nepal, Akasha Traineeship, for young women in Kathmandu Valley, to empower them and to teach basic skills on health care, environment and society - and enhance their freedom of choice.

About the artist:
I’m Tiia, an artist and illustrator, originally from Finland and currently living in Brussels. I have been creating artwork all my life – from aquarelle paintings to digital illustrations, coloring books and clothing collections. My creative process starts with the deeper motivation to offer something good for our planet in these times of multiple problems, that we as humanity should find a way to solve.

All You Need To Know for the Creativity Workshop with Tiia in Brussels, Belgium:

Length of workshop: 3 hours

Number of people: 1 - 4 people at Tiias home;
up to 30 people At Your Location and Online.

Location: At Tiia’s home and atelier,
or Online, or At Your Location

Price per person: € 91; from 3 people and more € 65 per person; includes all materials, hot beverages (coffee, tea), cookies, and small salty snacks.

Minimum advance booking time: 14 days

Next workshop dates: On Saturdays and Sundays 11 and 14h.

To find more about the artist and illustrator, check out her website.

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Customer Reviews

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Great workshop!

Would definitely recommend if you’re looking for a workshop to spark or explore your creative process. Tiia is insightful and provided a lot of ideas and thought provoking questions to guide the process. Really enjoyed this workshop!