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Collage Workshop "Mixed Media Book" with Bella in Brussels, Belgium

Collage Workshop "Mixed Media Book" with Bella in Brussels, Belgium

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The Collage Workshop "Mixed Media Book“ with Bella in Brussels, Belgium, offers you to dive into the universe of plastic arts.

The Collage Workshop includes following steps:
- Warming up exercise in free drawing technique.
- Exploring new textures in ink.
- Working on composition with various forms.
- Creating a character based on preparation material.

At the end of the 3h Collage Workshop, you will all leave with your own portfolio consisting of a series of works in 4 different techniques.

About artist: 

Bella Pari was always interested in art.
Her first experience was a street art contest at the age of 6 where she won a first prize and was given a box of colored chalks. Since that day every free moment was dedicated to creating art, sketching all that inspired her.

After studying in Brussels' art school Institut Saint-Luc, she decided to pursue her artistic journey and work in the fashion and interior domain. 

"Drawing functions in my life in many ways", says Bella. "It's a form of relaxation and a route to escape."

Today, the artist explores various media:
Paper, textile, digital.
What is most important for her is the interaction between forms and colors, their harmonious union that invites each spectator to imagine his or her own story.

All You Need To Know For The Collage Workshop "Mixed Media Book" with Bella in Brussels, Belgium:

Length of workshop: 3 hours

Number of people: 1 - 8 people

Languages: English, French

At the artist's studio in Rue de la Confiance, Brussels, Belgium, or at Your Location.

Price per person: € 124 for a private 1-1 session; from 2 people and more € 85 per person; includes all materials, coffee, tea, water.

Minimum advance booking time: 7 days

Next workshop dates: On request, once per month.

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mixed media book

The 3 hours spent with Bella , what a gorgeous experience. Thank you soooo much .