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Coffee Sensory Workshop with Shan and Nick in Praia do Burgau, Algarve, Portugal

Coffee Sensory Workshop with Shan and Nick in Praia do Burgau, Algarve, Portugal

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Shan and Nick invite you to their Coffee Sensory Workshop at their cozy home in Praia do Burgau, Algarve, Portugal.

Their Coffee Sensory Workshop is split into the following three parts:

1) The magic of aroma and taste perception
In the first part, they take you through the deep sensory experience of taste and smell. 

2) Tasting of a variety of coffees from around the world
Coffee does not always equal coffee. How to use the medium to transform moments. 

3) Brewing coffee
Brewing coffee to see how our touch can influence flavor in extraction.

At the end of the Coffee Sensory Workshop, Shan and Nick will be taking you up the beach, which is located a 1 minute walk from their house, to drink a coffee and absorb the incredible surroundings. :)

Please note:
Shan and Nick have a kitten, in case you have cat allergies.

About Shan:
Shan is a musician as well as a coffee professional (2 albums, one song on Netflix, toured different countries with various musical projects etc).

She often says that coffee (and wine, and food) is to our tongue and nose, as music is for our ears, and visual arts are for the eyes.

In her opinion, not all coffee could be considered fine art, as not all paintings could be. Arguably, of course, but our challenge is to bring art status into the world of coffee.

In Australia and New Zealand, we already understand this about coffee.
In Europe - art is understood regarding fine dining and wines etc, but coffee is overlooked and undervalued. We are trying to change that. 

About Nick:
Nick is a coffee-obsessed teacher and barista and head barista for Black and White Café. 

After visiting a prestigious coffee school in Hamburg, Germany, and being disappointed by the lack of hands-on training for baristas, he decided to start running his own courses in Lagos, offering a fun and hands-on learning experience for all levels for the last three and a bit years.

Inspired by the sensory experience of coffee, Nick's primary objective is to spread the joy of specialty coffee as much as he can!

All You Need To Know for the Coffee Sensory Workshop in Praia do Burgau, Algarve, Portugal:

Length of workshop: 2.5 hours

Number of people: 1 - 6 people

Location: At Shan and Nick’s home in Praia do Burgau, Algarve, Portugal, or
At Your Office.

Price per person: € 78; includes all the coffees you can drink, cookies or cake.

Minimum advance booking time: 7 days

Next workshop dates: Flexible - any afternoon starting shortly after lunch, or on request.

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