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Candle Making Workshop "Make Two Perfumed Candles" with Anastasia in Berlin, Germany

Candle Making Workshop "Make Two Perfumed Candles" with Anastasia in Berlin, Germany

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Do you like scented candles and perfumes?
Feeling crafty?
Want to have a creative catch-up with your friends or meet new people?

Join Anastasia’s Candle Making Workshop "Make Two Perfumed Candles" in the heart of Berlin! 

Anastasia’s mission with her Candle Making Workshops is to make every place feel like home through the olfactory experience. 

During 1.5 hours you create your special perfumed candle from scratch. You dive into the world of perfumery and candles. You'll learn all about the material, and process, and what to pay attention to next time you shop for a candle, home scent, or perfume. 

You’re going to use high-quality perfumed oils, which will add personality to your space, and every time you feel those scents, you'll know you're at home. 

All of the materials used in the Candle Making Workshop are sourced from Europe and not animal tested. We use 100% soy wax for the candles. It is non-toxic and environmentally friendly; it is safe to burn soy wax candles in the room with kids or pets.

About the artist:

"Hi there! 
I’m Anastasia, Ukraine-born and raised, but a Berliner since 2017.

The idea of designing things for home came to me at first as a result of unused creativity and a great passion for scents and perfumes. I wanted to create special pieces for my family, friends and myself, which would look and smell good.

It took a lot of experiments to find the right formulas, perfumes and textures.
I continued my path in South of France, where I attended summer school at a Perfumery Institute in 2022. I continue to educate myself on this topic and improve my products. 

Today I want to share my knowledge with you and show that candle-making is fun, exciting, and meditative!“

All You Need To Know For The Candle Making Workshop "Make Two Perfumed Candles" with Anastasia in Berlin, Germany:

Duration of the workshop: 1.5 hours

Number of participants: 4-8 people;
in case of a private event with more people, Anastasia can conduct the workshop in another location where up to 12 people fit.

Languages: English

Location: At Anastasia’s store in Liegnitzer Straße, 10999 Berlin, or At Your Location.

Price per person: € 56 per person; includes all materials; tea, coffee, water, biscuits.

Please note: If you’d like to book a private 1-1 session or are a group of 2 or 3 people, the amount of 4 spots applies.

Minimum advance notice time: 1 week

Next workshop dates: Flexible on demand and see next dates below:

- 18.07 18:30 (8 spots available) 
- 10.08 10:30 (6 more spots available) 
- 01.09 10:30 (8 spots available) 
- 21.09 10:30 (8 spots available)
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