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Burlesque Workshop in Cologne, Germany

Burlesque Workshop in Cologne, Germany

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Nita Bon Air and Anna Venture guide you on your journey of expressing yourself, finding your creativity and exploring your inner showgirl through dancing, acting, playing, breaking taboos and getting in touch with your sensuality.

The Art of Burlesque opens the possibility to express imaginative stories through dance and movement, so our workshop offers you an introduction to Burlesque, the basic movements, the attitude and a small choreography with different dance props provided by us, fitting the individual workshop themes.

Burlesque is a beautiful and artistic expression of self-confidence and body positivity, it is the celebration of your body and an invitation to play with stereotypes and leave behind preconceptions about body shapes and social demands.

We explore different themes, ranging from the exploration of the tease and sensuality to cabaret, chair dance and stage charisma. 

28.10.2023 Striptease meets Cabaret:

You will learn a fun choreography, creative chair dance moves and how to strip gloves and a shirt - all in Cabaret Style. Please bring a button down shirt, we provide gloves and hats. Feel free to bring your heels and choose a comfortable outfit that allows movement and makes you feel sexy. This workshop is open for all levels, Feel free to bring your heels.

26.11.2023 The Grand Finale – Floorwork and Tassels:

One part of the workshop will be fluid and modern floorwork, totally sexy and sensual, the other part will be all about learning the art of tasseling. Those are the fun stickers for the boobs that can be moved in many different ways, oftentimes this is the grand finale of Burlesque Acts. Bring your own or buy a pair for 2 Euros at the workshop. During the workshop you can decide to practice with a bra or very tight top or glue the tassels directly on your skin, either way is totally fine.

This workshop is open for all levels! :)

Please note: Most of our participants are female, if you are a cis-man, we ask you kindly to get in touch with us before booking a workshop. We value inclusivity and want to create a safe space for all participants and are thankful, if you help is with that, by contacting us prior to your booking.

Length of workshop: 2 hours
Number of people: 1 - 20 people
Location: At Nita Bon Air’s and Anna Venture’s studio or partner Dance Studio in Gladbacher Straße, 50672 Cologne, Germany.
Price per person: € 65; includes Prosecco, orange juice and sweets.
Minimum advance booking time: 1 day
Next workshop dates: See calendar - or upon request.

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