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Atelier de peinture sur carrelage "Carreaux et thé de Porto" avec Francisco à Porto, Portugal

Atelier de peinture sur carrelage "Carreaux et thé de Porto" avec Francisco à Porto, Portugal

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Au cours de l'atelier de peinture sur carrelage de Francisco "Porto Tiles and Tea" à Porto, au Portugal, vous avez l'opportunité d'apprendre d'abord certaines des techniques traditionnelles de peinture sur carrelage, puis de peindre vos propres deux carreaux et d'intégrer certains des motifs portugais originaux.

Vous en apprendrez également davantage sur l’histoire des tuiles portugaises.

Les carreaux doivent être cuits après chaque séance et sont prêts à être récupérés 24 heures après l'atelier de peinture sur carrelage.

Veuillez en tenir compte dans vos futurs projets de voyage !

À propos de l'artiste :

Francisco Pessegueiro est un artiste carreleur de Porto et co-fondateur de Frágil Studio, basé à Porto, au Portugal.

Il a appris et travaillé dans des ateliers de céramique partout au Portugal. À son retour à Porto, il a commencé à se concentrer sur des ateliers d'azulejos et de céramique et depuis, il invite des personnes de tous âges.

Son intention est de diffuser les métiers et les savoir-faire avant qu'ils ne se perdent.

Lisez notre subcultalk avec Francisco ici.

Tout ce que vous devez savoir pour l'atelier de peinture sur carrelage "Porto Tiles and Tea" avec Francisco à Porto, Portugal :

Longueur d'atelier : 2 heures

Nombre de personnes : 1 à 8 personnes

Lieu : Dans le confortable atelier de céramique de Francisco à R. Pinheiro de Campanhã, à Porto, au Portugal.

Prix ​​par personne : 49 € ; comprend 2 carreaux auto-peints ; thé et biscuits

Un Porto Tiles and Tea Workshop 1-1  privé avec Francisco coûte 90 €. 

Délai minimum de réservation à l'avance : 2 jours

Prochains ateliers : Tous les jours de la semaine, 10h30-12h30

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
A fantastic experience!

Booked this for a morning with my kids and wife, and we all had a terrific time. The class is informative, to include history, in addition to teaching some technique. I am not artistically inclined, but even my tiles turned out very well! A solid recommendation to anyone looking to paint some tiles.

Fantastic experience

I booked the workshop as a calm and relaxing addition to my trip to Porto and hoped to be able to take home a unique souvenir. And it went exactly as I had hoped. It was very interessting and informative. We were provided with a neverending flow of fresh tea and the possibilities for designing the tiles were endless. I was glad that we were guided when it came to painting the tiles but still had enough freedome to express ourselves. It was really fun and a great experience!

An excellent learning experience!

As info, apparently there are a group of artists who are part of this artists workshop and our session was provided primarily by Onre and Francisco occasionally joined in. It was clear that Francisco is an excellent artistic trainer but our experience is that Onre is a superb trainer as well. They are both very knowledgeable, skilled and supportive for supporting the learning of others in this format. We learned a great deal about the history of tiles in Portugal supported with illustrations from books as well as examples of the tiles themselves. Onre was very receptive to questions and he welcomed comments and observations. Then we were invited to produce two tiles of our own preference from a selection of many different possibilities. Onre remained close at hand, providing guidance and support as needed. There was no "clock watching" and our workshop actually approached three hours long although it was scheduled for two hours. The instructors were clearly more focused on our learning, our experiences and our needs rather than on the clock. This was an excellent session, well worth the cost for the training. We had attended a different "tile painting" workshop the week before which had cost slightly less but in comparison this session proved to be a much more positive and enjoyable experience. We are now considering an additional session with these artisist to continue advancing our knowledge and skills in this amazing and artistically beautiful aspect of the Portuguese culture.

Danielle G
Great experience

We had a fantastic experience with Francisco. It was a very informative workshop and he provided us all the skills and knowledge we needed to create beautiful traditional tiles. The tea he served was delicious too. We are so happy with our tiles.


We had a great time learning about the history of tile making and how to obtain the best shape vary the color saturation. Having a small group made for a positive ambiance, and we appreciated the recommendations (and patience!) of the instructor.