subcultalk with textile upcycling designer and artist Iva Guedes from Porto, Portugal

For this episode of our subcultalks series, Inês visited Iva Guedes, textile upcycling designer and artist from Porto, Portugal.

We start with a lil' teaser video where Iva answered 10 questions with the shortest possible response. Check it out here or by clicking on the image below. 

Iva's alter ego is clearly a monster, because as a monster, she can be as grumpy and outspoken as she wants to be without having to apologize for it. Having always been passionate about creating with her hands, Iva found a way to create as many monsters in all sorts of forms, sizes and materials in her day-to-day work. In her cosy studio in Porto downtown, she makes her monsters and other textile artworks with second-hand materials from herself, her family and from people that bring them to her. 

To see the full interview with her, click here or on the image below.

You can meet Iva in person and learn from her textile upcycling skills during her very diverse Workshops such as the "Monster Doll Workshop" in Porto!

To see more of Iva's work, check out her Instagram.

Video Filming and Editing by Inês.

2nd Video Editing by Michael.

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