subcultalk with electronic music composer, producer and DJane Jiayi aka Bilincka in Berlin, Germany

For this subcultalk, Ana Torres visited Jiayi Wu, electronic music composer, producer and DJane from China, based in Berlin, Germany.

We start with a lil' teaser video where Jiayi aka Bilincka answers 10 questions with the shortest possible response. Check it out here or by clicking on the image below. 

Jiayi has always had a strong connection to music. Even as a child, the only way her parents could get her out of bed for school was by playing music to her.

As the daughter of a doctor mum and an engineer father, Jiayi didn't feel fully understood and decided to move to Germany to find her own voice. Jiayi has felt a strong connection to Germany because of its reputable music history and education opportunities.

How she keeps being so optimistic, what she does to get back into her creative flow and how she finds balance between her day job and her actual passion that is electronic music composition and production, you find out in our subcultalk.

To see the full interview with Jiayi, click here or on the image below.

You can meet Jiayi in person and learn from her music composition and production skills during her "Making Your Electronic Music Dance Track with Ableton Workshop" in Berlin!

To see more of Jiayi's work, check out her website.

Video Filming and Editing by Ana Torres.

2nd Video Editing by Michael Ilg.

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