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Pole Dance Workshop "Ebbs & Flows" with Carolina in Lisbon, Portugal

Pole Dance Workshop "Ebbs & Flows" with Carolina in Lisbon, Portugal

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With the Pole Dance Workshop "Ebbs & Flows" in Lisbon, Portugal, pole dancer and teacher Carolina aspires to reflect this exact feeling, of being vulnerable without any fear, while also being grounded and powerful.

The Pole Dance Workshop is divided into two sections of movement, englobing a static and a spin flow.

Besides the official welcome, introductions and a guided warm-up, in the first hour of this Pole Dance Workshop Lisbon, Portugal, you dive deep into some grounding and earth connecting static pole flow, that will incorporate some floor work and legwork.

A break of 5-10 minutes is available in the middle of the Pole Dance Workshop, to regulate your breath and reflect on the first hour of movement.

In the second hour of the Pole Dance Workshop, you focus on a pole spin flow, where you learn to surrender, get off the ground and attend some aerial tricks.

The Pole Dance Workshop "Ebbs & Flows" is open to all levels of pole dancers.

Variations of tricks and movements are added depending on the movers' skill level that attend the workshop. Movers are welcome to relax and make pauses during this session.

As the workshop unfolds, Carolina explains how and when she started her pole journey and the purpose of incorporating two different flows instead of only one. A stretching session will follow at the end.

Carolina is looking towards offering an enjoyable and pleasurable experience to you!

Something fun that provides variations of movements for any type of movers. She doesn’t want people that have never tried pole dance before, to feel ashamed, or that they cannot attend just because they're beginners.

It is an opportunity to be experienced by everyone who wants to partake in it!

Carolina's “Dress-code Recommendation“ for you:

  • Shorts - If possible, don’t bring your longest shorts, the shorter the better! Your skin needs to make enough contact with the pole so you don’t slide down.
  • Sports bra
  • (or) Underwear/Bikini, if you feel comfortable
  • Socks
  • Knee pads (optional)
  • Water bottle and towel

About the artist:

Pole dancer and teacher Carolina discovered pole dancing in the first place through her desire to get into fitness. She also realized that pole dance slowly gained more and more attention through social media.

Before getting into pole dancing, Carolina had never practiced dance, ballet, or contemporary. She remembers being really anxious when she started to attend the regular classes.

Carolina was also dealing with some mental health issues at the time. Ironically, she got obsessed and fixated on aerial sports, which led her to experiment with some other circus art, such as Lyra and Aerial Silks.

Yet, it was pole dance that got all of her attention and dedication in the end. She got trained by pro dancer and founder of school "Pole Dance Portugal" until she was experienced enough to start teaching herself.

While discovering herself through pole dance, and diving deep into various meditative states, Carolina realized that her dancing style didn't cover the harder tricks, nor the fast choreography type. The Portuguese dancer appreciates and indulges into a much slower movement sequence, covering basic tricks with an umbrella.

Carolina believes that pole dance is both a fitness practice and a very sensual modality. When talking about sensuality, she likes to refer to it as the literal meaning of the word, sensual as a connection to our physical senses. 

Pole dance gained her full contemplation and effort because she believes it's one of the best physical practices where you can show how strong but also how vulnerable you can be. It reflects the duality that lives within you.

All You Need To Know for the Pole Dance Workshop "Ebbs & Flows" with Carolina in Lisbon, Portugal:

Length of workshop: 2.5 hours

Number of people: 1 - 6 people

Location: At Carolina’s Pole Dance Studio in Lisbon, Portugal, or Online.

Price per person: € 52; includes homemade cookies with vegan options and tea.

Minimum advance booking time: 1 day

Next workshops dates: Every last Saturday of each month, 15h - 17.30h

To read our subcultalk with Carolina, click here.

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