subcultalk with Édit Lakatos, jewelry artist, founder of jewelry brand Tulipane Design and head of subcultours Belgium

Hi guys,

My name is Édit Lakatos. I’m a jewelry artist, founder of Tulipane Design, and since last September head of subcultours Belgium.

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I also host Jewelry Making Workshops at my home atelier and at a creative studio in Brussels, Belgium.

Édit, head of subcultours Belgium and founder of jewelry brand Tulipane Design

I was born and raised in the Hungarian countryside.
My childhood trauma with an abusive father left its mark on me. I spent hours working on my jewelry creations and I quickly realized that art is crucial to finding my inner balance. It also taught me a kind of awareness about the trauma, but it wasn’t until I was 32 that I finally started therapy.

Édit, head of subcultours Belgium and founder of jewelry brand Tulipane Design

To the suggestion of my therapist, I decided to take my jewelry hobby further and start a social business to prevent domestic violence. So Tulipane Design was born in 2020 with a vision of a future where women feel safe, beautiful, and empowered.

How can you support the cause?

> With every piece of jewelry you buy from us, 1€ goes to the Center of Prevention of Domestic Violence in Belgium. They accompany victims and organize campaigns;

> You can engage as a volunteer model to feature in our pictures to raise awareness about the issue;

> You can participate in our Creative Workshops and learn bead weaving as a tool for relaxation and healing;

> You can take the discussion further about domestic violence on social media by contributing to this blog post, sending us a direct mail, or leave your personal story and thoughts in the section below.

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I am convinced that talking about the problem and educating the next generation about non-violent behavior will contribute to a long-term impact and prevent tragedies.

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Thanks for listening.

With Love,

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