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Jewelry Workshop "Fine Beaded Flowers" with Roxy in Craiova, Romania

Jewelry Workshop "Fine Beaded Flowers" with Roxy in Craiova, Romania

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Do you want to express yourself in colors? 
No words are needed for it.

You can do it by creating your own small piece of jewelry during one of Roxy's Jewelry Workshop "Fine Beaded Flowers" that take place at her art studio in Craiova, Romania, at your location (private home or company), or online!

And if that jewelry is made with sincerity, it can reflect your deepest thoughts, dreams and desires.

A handmade beaded piece of jewelry can be a story about a flower that you received when you had your first kiss, a color that reminds you of your first sunset with the one you love, or the memory of your first piece of jewelry that your mother gave you and told you "I love you honey!"

The jewelry piece you create, means life, because it represents your dreams, soul colors, and skillful hands.

During Roxy's Jewelry Workshop "Fine Beaded Flowers", you can make a necklace and a pair of earrings with preciosa beads, made with small flowers and pearls or crystals, similar to the ones you can see on the pictures.

Structure of the Jewelry Workshop "Fine Beaded Flowers" with Roxy in Craiova, Romania:

First 15 minutes:
- Get to know each other
- Explanation of the first steps in the beaded jewelry process

Next 105 minutes:
- Your Time of Creativity and Creation of the handmade beaded necklace and earrings.

Please note: All the materials are provided by Roxy in the Jewelry Workshop.

Let your creativity, colors and thoughts guide you during the 2 hours of profound relaxation!

The intention of the Jewelry Workshop "Fine Beaded Flowers" with Roxy in Craiova, Romania:

The idea for the Jewelry Workshop "Fine Beaded Flowers" comes along with the desire of people who want to spend some quality free-time and want to connect with other, like-minded people to have a great time and fun together.

This Jewelry Workshop idea also stems from feedback from people who want to overcome moments of depression and anxieties, making beaded jewelry as a form of art therapy. 

About the artist:

Roxy is a mum of two beautiful, young women. She is passionate about spring flowers and nature. She loves the colors that surround her and she's non-stop thinking about beaded jewelry.

Her brand "Manufactura Roxanei" is inspired by the flowers around her and the colors of the beads she' working with. 

All You Need To Know for the Jewelry Workshop "Fine Beaded Flowers" with Roxy in Craiova, Romania:

Length of workshop: 2 hours

Number of people: 6 - 8 people

Location: At the artist's studio in Strada Constantin Brâncuși, Craiova, Romania,
or At Your Location, At Companies, or Online.

Price per person: € 68; includes all the materials needed for handcrafting, tea and homemade cake.

Minimum advance booking time: 1 week

Next workshops: Everyday on request. After booking your spots, you can talk directly with the artist regarding the date and time that suits best for the both of you.

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