subcultalk with illustration artist Beatriz Bagulho from Lisbon, Portugal

Beatriz Bagulho works as an illustrator and animation artist in Lisbon, Portugal. 

How she found her way into the world of illustration and animation, which creative projects she's currently working on, and what her artistic vision is for her future endeavors, you can find out during our subcultalk with her. 

But first again, our lil' one minute icebreaker teaser video with her

subcultalk teaser with illustration artist Beatriz Bagulho from Lisbon, Portugal by subcultours

You can also meet, create and learn from Beatriz during her Illustration Workshops "Illustrating Fantastic Creatures" which take place at her beautiful studio in Lisbon's city centre.
For more information and bookings, click here

And now let's give space for the full subcultalk with Beatriz!
Make yourself comfortable, grab yourself a drink and enjoy this inspiring interview, conducted again by the wonderful Inês Quente

We hope you liked watching this subcultalk! 
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Big THANKS to the team to make this subcultalk happen:

- Video Production and Interview by Inês Quente.

- Post Production by Michael Ilg.

Hasta la próxima! 
Your Kat and Team subcultours

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