5 Best Art Supply Stores in Hamburg

Hey, I am the subcultours author Tati* and today I will take you on a trip down memory lane. 

Back in the day, when I was an art-enthused child and teenager, I still remember vividly diving into the catalog of Gerstaeker, crossing off all the items I wanted to buy (or rather to get gifted for the next birthday). I loved taking a look at all the different colors with different pigmentations. There is only one thing that exceeded this experience: The real life version of it!

Art Supply Stores in Hamburg are my happy place.

I loved when my artsy mother took me to Kreativmarkt Hamburg in order to explore. My eyes were peeled onto the shelves. Creativity paradise. My little paradise. It is still even now so very comforting to me to just walk into one of Hamburg’s Art Supply Stores swiftly lingering in between the aisles and eventually buying my next canvas.

But since Hamburg has a whole lot more Art Supply Stores to offer, I would love to introduce you to the 5 best ones of my hometown.

Cherry to the pie:
I was able to win over some real experts for it - Hamburg based artists let us into their world introducing us to their favorite Art Supply Stores.

Mug by Sabela Garcia Cuesta

Sabela Garcia Cuesta (who also offers two Workshops on subcultours: Intentional Painting and Selflove through Breast Portraiture):

“My favorite Art Supply Store in Hamburg is “Jerwitz” in Schlump. It is really close to home and sometimes you can find me there 3 times a week going for a canvas,  a rush or a box of charcoal. Despite its small size it is well divided in three floors where you can find everything you need and much more.

Artist Sabela Garcia Cuesta

You sense that the people working there have been doing this job for decades and they know how to recommend to you what you need whenever you come up with a question or need advice. This Art Supply Store is one of the spots you wish they would stay forever, local and with charm.

I doubt the other big art supply stores could convey this authentic flair. It makes me happy shopping here and makes the art experience even more authentic!”

Sabela’s favorite Art Supply Shop in Hamburg: Jerrwitz

1.) Gustav Jerwitz GmbH & Co. KG Künstlerbedarf


A larger chain with two locations in Hamburg (one at the Shopping Mall Europa Passage and the other one in Altona at the Mercado Shopping Mall)  is the 

2.) idee.Creativmarkt.Bastelshop


One of artist Eva’s favorite Art Supply Stores in Hamburg

Another carefully curated and authentically run Art Supply Store in Hamburg that is located close to the Art and Media Campus Hamburg and the College of Fine Arts is the favorite of subcultours’ artist Eva Dietrich. She gives creative workshops at her studio in Hamburg Altona on Drawing and Linocut Printing - her motto: Everyone can draw (Postcards)!)

Artist Eva Dietrich

“Since I live super close to the Art Supply Store Boesner, I usually swing by there because they hold everything I need in terms of art supplies.

If I need something super specific and am in the mood for a little change in materials I frequent the idee.Creativmarkt at the Mercado Shopping Mall in Hamburg Altona.”

3.) boesner Hamburg 


Technically the extension of Eva’s atelier: The Art Supply Shop boesner super close to her home.

The bespoke Art Supply Store Hamburg that I visited a lot since my childhood now moved to a new home and is located at the Quarree Shopping Mall. 

4.) Kreativmarkt Hamburg (w/Kreativmarkt PLUS feat. Ceramics)


Art Supply Store Kreativmarkt Hamburg

This smaller Art Supply Store in Hamburg is focussed on crafts - from papers to beads you will find what you are looking for and more. 

5.) Hobby Dittrich


Art Supply Store Hobby Dittrich

*About the author of this article:

Tati is freelance author for subcultours, PR professional and very passionate about all things art, outdoors and running. She basically cannot sit still and is a notorious sun chaser. 

Author and PR professional Tatjana Büchler (Photo Credits: Sarah Buth)
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