subcultalk with Macramé artist Bárbara Teixeira from Porto, Portugal

For this episode of our subcultalks, film maker Inês visited Macramé artist Bárbara Teixeira at her home and beautiful garden in Porto, Portugal. Bárbara just got home from her day job and was so kind to still do the interview with us.

During the subcultalk, she talks about the challenge of balancing her passion for Macramé jewelry making and her work as a nurse. She also shares some art pieces that are very special to her and talks about her personal journey with all up's and down's she is going through as a Macramé artist. See the full episode here

As a warm-up, we did a lil' teaser video with Bárbara where we asked her 10 of our favorite questions. Watch it here. :)

You can meet, create and learn from Bárbara in real life during one of her 
"Create Your Own Macramé Amulet Workshops" at her art studio in Porto, Portugal.

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Again a BIG thank you to the team for making the subcultalks possible:

Video Production by Inês.

Video Post Production by Michael.

Until next time!
Your Kat

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