Spot on: The Best Street Art In Tirana, Albania

Hi it’s Tati again,

This time I am taking you on an artsy trip to buzzing Tirana, Albania's capital!

Tirana is a metropolis on the rise - the capital of Albania has seen a steep increase in visitors over the past years. Last year about 10 Million people spent their time in a country that has suffered a lot over the past decades, mostly under the rule of ruthless dictator Enver Hoxhar (In power from 1944-1985).

The moved history of Albania can be seen all around the capital - from Italian architecture to old bunkers from the communist times to modern skyscrapers. 

Street Art in Tirana and colorful facades: Painting communist past away.

The city nowadays does its best to show the most polished side to the tourists. This is also the idea behind the Albanian Street Art Project that was pushed forward by both the prime minister and artist Edi Rama and the municipality itself. You can see some colorful transformations here.

Street Art in Tirana is scattered around the city,  but  most of
the painted buildings are in three main areas: Unaza, Rr. Kavajes and “Tirana e Re”. Even though this project seems like a big success - there is also some criticism from the art community about it. I encourage you to take a look yourselves, explore and make up your own mind about it. 

Colorful facades near Rruga Shenasi Dishnica.

Large Shapes on a wall at Rfuga Luigj Gurakuqi. 

Resembles a wrapped gift: Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy.


Colourful house at the corner of Rruga Sulejman Delvina.

The Rainbow at Wilson Square.

Mural with flowers near the Artificial Lake of Tirana.

Mural "Kathmandu Girl" by Colombian artist Stinkfish, Ymer Kurti street.

Modern times: Colorful Street Art in Tirana with a message 

FRANKO is an Albanian artist who shaped some of the walls in Tirana as well. He is working with paint to show the problems of the town that many people turn a blind eye to: Pollution, impoverished children and animals facing difficulty. His work BIBLIOTHEKA is from 2020.

Street Art in Tirana: A huge remarkable mural is called Mother’s Care and was created by the German artist Case Maclaim in 2021.


Street Art in Tirana, Albania, awaits you at every corner! 

A lot of Street Art in Tirana is created during the MurAL Festival “Dekor Tirana”. It is a yearly event introduced by the municipality and the Italian Urban Art Lab 167 bstreet that invites artists from around the globe to spread their work on Tirana’s walls. You can find a Google Map of all the Street Art works from 2019 here and some more Street Art spots here.

Cheko’s art from the MurAl Fest 2018/19 - Rruga Fortuzi.

Cheko’s art – MurAL Fest, Tirana (Albania), 2018 

Sismikazot/ Paul & Remi from France

All in all, there is plenty of Street Art to be discovered in Tirana.
So, happy art scavenger hunt to all of you!

Mural with woman in traditional Albanian Clothes.

Beyond Street Art in Tirana: There is even more to discover!

Besides Tirana’s vivid street art, there are also many other spaces around town that offer insight into the Albanian Art Scene - for instance inside the “Pyramid” of Tirana you can find many local artists who display their work at kubi.kuq.

Pyramid of Tirana that holds the kubi.kuq.

A little hidden inside a Shopping Mall you can find the Gallery 70 that shows various exhibitions. at the Gallery of Arts in Tirana which is state run, you can find modern art. The latest works from the University of art can be discovered at Galeria Fab. At the Grocat Art Gallery you will see wonderful contemporary art. The oeuvres of young artists of the latter can be admired at Minus Art Space

If you want to get in touch with activists and political art, the you can connect with Group ata. 

Besides Street Art in Tirana, cool Galleries and and an more activist approach to art there is more to the art ecosystem in Tirana: The D4 Coworking and Hotspot host dinners and discussions together where you can connect with fellow art enthusiasts. At Hana’s Corner Café you can sip some really good coffee while listening to some live music (mostly on Fridays and Saturdays, check out their program here.) A small publishing house and feminist Space is hidden at berkbotime.

As you can see, Tirana has so much to offer from Street Art in Tirana to galleries to artsy co-working spaces and cafés - enjoy discovering, roaming around the streets and diving in the creative capital of Albania!  

Until next time,
Your Tati

Author and PR professional Tatjana Büchler (Photo Credits: Sarah Buth)

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