Creative Teambuilding Brand Day with Estée Lauder Group Europe in Berlin

Two weeks ago, we were honored to organize the creative Teambuilding Event day for Estée Lauder Europe Group in Berlin. 

We were contacted by them via mail. They asked us if we could organize two creative workshops with local artists and artisans from Berlin for their Le Labo and Kiliian Paris Teams during their stay in Berlin. 

Of course we could!

We were reaching out to a variety of interesting artists and artisans from our Berlin network and asked if they would be keen to host a creative team event for them.
Most of them agreed immediately and sent us their offer within the next few days.
After we received all the quotes, we suggested them to our contact persons from Estée Lauder Group.

It didn’t take long until they agreed and made their decision to go for a crafty Ceramic Workshop in Handbuilding technique for their Le Labo team. 
For their Kilian Paris team, they chose to go for a more fancy option, a Jewelry Workshop where participants could create their own custom gold-plated necklaces. 

Suggested. Decided. Organized.

Two weeks later, we would all meet in person at beautiful SANA Hotel in Berlin’s western district Charlottenburg.

Two hours before the actual start of the first Ceramic Handbuilding Workshop, we had enough time to set up everything, get a coffee and make sure the screen for the presentation and the sound system for the music would work properly.

The Estée Lauder and SANA Hotel Team even thought of small decoration gems like real plants and succulents and their latest perfume collections.

At 10am, the first team of Le Labo brand would arrive on time and find a well-decorated space and a warm welcome from ceramic artist Tiziana, her assistant Morgan and myself representing subcultours.

For the next two hours, nearly 30 team members had the chance to get hands-on and spark their own creativity by creating their unique ceramic artworks.

From perfume holder, over salad bowls, to espresso cups. The results were diverse and reflected the creative variety of all team members.

After the Ceramic Workshop we had a lunch break of one hour in which our customers went down to have some delicious snacks and drinks and which gave us the time to set up the next part of their creative teambuilding event:

The Jewelry Workshop for their team Killian Paris.

Both jewelry designers arrived on time and made sure to set everything up perfectly before all participants would arrive, again on time, at 1pm. We welcomed them with some loud high energy music and clapped to the rhythm.

The two jewelry artists started with a brief presentation where they explained the technique and the process of the Jewelry Creation Workshop that awaited and would occupy them for the next two hours.

Everybody seemed excited, and listend and watched attentively to what the two beautiful ladies had to share about their jewelry creation technique and process.

The team had the chance to engrave the pendant of their golden necklace in a custom way. Leaving motives such as the brand name, the initials of their loved ones, or beautiful realistic or abstract motives.

The space where both creative workshops took place that day, was on the top floor of the SANA Hotel Berlin, which guaranteed a lot of light and access to their roof top terrace. 


Accompanied by yummy drinks and snacks, all participants could take a break when they felt like it, recharging themselves with gluten-free chocolate mudcake, coffee or sparking water with ice.

Both creative workshops took around two hours, which was long enough for everybody to finish their creative pieces and gave enough space and time to bond with their fellow teammates. 

We made a little wrap up round at the end, thanking everybody for their courage and curiosity to let themselves indulge in the new creative processes and told them that we would ship their artworks home to them once the final touches have been made by the artists themselves.

The teams made a very grateful impression thanking us for our time and dedication to teach and be with them during the day, and felt ready to end the day with a dinner at Berlin’s TV Tower restaurant Sphere.

All in all, it was both an honor and a big pleasure to organize and host the Creative Teambuilding Brand Day for Estée Lauder Group Europe in Berlin!

If you’re also looking to host a Creative Teambuilding Event, which is a bit outside of the usual box, reach out to us.

We’re excited to hear from you and to make the creative teambuilding event happen for you and your team!

Your Kat and Team subcultours

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