Berlin’s 10 Cutest Ceramic Studios

Berlin is not only known for its rich history and eclectic culture, but also for its thriving art scene. If you are looking for adorable ceramics and maybe even a ceramic workshop to get your own hands on, this blog post is for you!

In this article, we take you on a journey through the ten cutest ceramic studios in Berlin, where both imagination and creativity know no boundaries, and every ceramic piece tells its own unique story.

Berlin's Cutest Ceramic Studios by subcultours

Berlin’s 10 Cutest Ceramic Studios

1. Clayground Ceramic Studio: Where Tradition Meets Trendiness

Nestled in the heart of the trendy Friedrichshain district, Clayground Ceramic Studio is a ceramic haven. With its charming interior and a friendly, laid-back atmosphere, this studio effortlessly combines traditional craftsmanship with a modern touch. Customers recommend it as well because of its owner Tiziana, who is both a great teacher and a very talented artist.

Explore their ceramic workshops, try your hand at wheel throwing or hand-building, and leave with a handmade masterpiece. For bookings, please click here.

Berlin’s 10 Cutest Ceramic Studios by subcultours

2. Prenzlauer Berg's Kumulus Ceramics Studio: Elegant Artistry

Their ceramic studio is a place to work creatively and freely with clay. Equipped with a large work table, two professional turntables and two kilns, the workshop offers everything you need to give free rein to your creativity.

From figurative works to utility ceramics and free ceramic objects, their focus is always on the joy of creative work. The intention with their work with clay is to bring you a sensual experience, deceleration and grounding. You can check their courses and workshops here

 Berlin’s 10 Cutest Ceramic Studios by subcultours

3. Mitte's hidden gem claï studio: Handcrafted Joy

In the heart of Mitte, discover a whimsical wonderland of handcrafted joy. This small ceramic studio in Berlin was founded in 2021 by Stefanie Lennartz. Her work focuses on minimalist shapes and natural colors. A pursuit of clarity in the design language. All pieces are designed by her and handmade at her studio in Berlin. For workshop bookings, please check her website.

Berlin’s 10 Cutest Ceramic Studios by subcultours

4. Friedrichshain's Fantasy Factory for Teambuilding Events: Barsega Studio Gallery

If you're seeking a place to unleash your wildest ceramic dreams, look no further than Friedrichshain's  Barsega Studio Gallery. This studio encourages experimentation and creativity, offering a variety of ceramic workshops that cater to all skill levels.

Dive into a world where imagination knows no boundaries, and your ceramic fantasies become tangible realities. To learn more about their teambuilding workshops and bookings, click here.

Berlin’s 10 Cutest Ceramic Studios by subcultours

5. Neukölln's Nook of Novelties: Ceramic Kingdom

Ceramic Kingdom is an art school, shared workspace and artist-in-residence program dedicated to promoting ceramic in Berlin. Their goal is to cultivate creative dialog by integrating the ancient practice of clay into contemporary society.

Since March 2017, artists and designers from diverse backgrounds have been coming together in their space to share various ceramic techniques, processes and ideas in clay.

All ethnicities, gender identities, sexualities, belief systems and bodies are welcome to join their ceramic workshops!

Berlin’s 10 Cutest Ceramic Studios by subcultours

6. Charlottenburg's Keramikatelier: Where Craftsmanship Meets Charm

At the small and cosy ceramics studio Keramikatelier in Berlin's district Charlottenburg, you can find in-depth excursions into the world of ceramics in courses that are tailored to your wishes and knowledge. You can find their current offers at their website.


7. Treptow Tiny Treasures: Keramikatelier Jolejo

If you have a soft spot for small, intricate pieces, Keramikatelier Jolejo run by Claudia Püschel, is the place to be. Her ceramic courses are suitable for beginners and advanced students. Children from the age of 10 are welcome to take part in the courses. No previous knowledge is required. Check her availabilities here.


8. Marzahn’s Art and Ceramics barn: SchaMottchen

At Marzahn’s Ceramic barn SchaMottchen, you can develop your own creativity and gain aesthetic clay experience. There are many different objects that can be potted with different types of clay.

There are various methods for building up ceramics. One variant of the build-up technique is the so-called bead technique. The slab technique is preferred for vessels with straight walls or for tiles and other flat pottery. Please contact them
here if you are interested.

Berlin’s 10 Cutest Ceramic Studios by subcultours

9. Spandau's Serene Studio: Bettinelli Ceramics

During Hilda Bettinelli's ceramic workshops at her studio in Spandau, in the west of Berlin,  you can handcraft pieces using different techniques and materials that are not only unique but also functional.

This studio provides a tranquil space where you can connect with your artistic side while finding inner peace. Explore their ceramic workshops to discover the therapeutic nature of working with clay.

Berlin’s 10 Cutest Ceramic Studios by subcultours

10. Kleine Keramik Kunst in Schöneberg: Kleistone Ceramic Studio

Kleistone Ceramic Studio is a small hand-building ceramic studio in Berlin's district Schöneberg. They offer memberships, classes, firing services and events.

It's a small oasis to create, discover the magic of clay and learn new techniques.
You can also rent their space to hold your own event or workshop. Get in touch with them here.

Berlin’s 10 Cutest Ceramic Studios by subcultours


Berlin's ceramic scene is a melting pot of creativity, and these ten studios are just the beginning of your artistic clay adventure.

Whether you're a complete beginner or an experienced ceramic enthusiast, each ceramic studio on this list offers a unique experience, allowing you to explore the world of ceramics in the cutest and most engaging way possible.

So, put on your creative hat, roll up your sleeves, and get ready to embark on a journey of artistic delight in the heart of Berlin. 

Berlin’s 10 Cutest Ceramic Studios by subcultours

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