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Reuterkiez, also called Kreuzkölln, is demarcated in the southwest by Sonnenallee and Hermannplatz and is a very creative part of Berlin. While you can still find lots of Turkish food places and fashion boutiques close to Sonnenallee, it changes its face entering Weserstraße to a very hip and creative place. 
It is for sure not a secret anymore that a lively club scene has grown around Reuterkiez that has been called a problematic area a few years ago with small art galleries, cosy pubs, lively bars and fun fusion food places. Actually, the perfect place for backpackers, alternative travellers and big city kids in general to take a deep breath of Berlin’s vital bar culture at night. But let’s start with a stroll through the area around Weserkiez. 

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Alternative Berlin Lifestyle in Neukölln

The best time to go there is of course in summer. When all people live their life on the streets with beer and Falafel in their hands while enjoying their free day at the shore of Landwehrkanal. But let’s not start with a beer yet a fresh and hot morning coffee at k-fetisch at Wildenbruchstr. 86. Very typical for k-fetisch is its distinct selection of magazines. Besides reading your own book in the café you can get your personal copy of prokla; phase II; outside the box; make out magazine just to mention a few. 

Go down further to the direction of Landwehr Canal. After a good breakfast it is not a bad idea to have a walk along the small canal. Why not sit at the edge of the canal for another coffee, picnic or first beer with friends at Schmetterlingswiese

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Art in Reuterkiez - Neukölln

Also very recommendable is the Turkish market at Maybachufer. A very inspirational colorful and lively place. At the "Türkenmarkt" you get: Vegetables, Turkish specialties and a lot of textiles. A place where you might meet Jamie Drobnick, the lovely Californian artist and founder of Ravel Textiles. Jamie, who's running our RUCKSACK PRINTMAKING subcultours, has her atelier at concept store “Obst und Gemüse”. The shop is located in Weserstraße, Kreuzkölln and showcases next to Jamie's artwork several other Berlin-based designers and artists. Meet Jamie during our subcultours or watch her subcultalk to learn more about her personal life story!

After the creative part and before starting nightlife in Neukölln it's time for a good Sudanese falafel at Sahara at Wildenbruchstr. 85. The personal hot spot of Jamie. Go and get a bite as well!

Bar touring in Neukölln

Let’s start with Ä!....Ähh? Exactly. The perfect spot to start your bar stroll at night in Reuterkiez. A cosy and lovely place that is pure in its design yet feels very familiar once you have entered. If you are more into popping out colors and opulent decoration, then Sameheads at Richardstr.10 is your place to be. The community welcomes you for a night of drinks and dancing and with special events about music, fashion and art. Don’t miss out this fabulous place of pure lust of life. Further bars to continue the night are Vater Bar, TiER with super cocktails and a leaned-back ambiance at silverfuture. Just go and discover Neukölln's subculture yourself!

Thanks a lot Jamie for sharing your favorite things to do in your beloved Kiez! :)