Hey there!

I came up with the idea of subcultalks last week during my bus trip back from Uvita (a beach and surf village at Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast) to the capital San José, constantly thinking of how I could create a blog for my new project subcultours without being forced to do a blog just because of the sake of content marketing and SEO. Honestly, to write a blog was the thing I was least interested in but a very good friend of mine who has a startup company himself did not stop telling me about the importance of a blog with relevant content so that people out there can actually get to know my project subcultours.

After thinking for a couple of hours how I could turn this blog issue into something I am genuinely interested in and get myself excited about, the idea of subcultalks crossed my mind.

subcultalks is true talk with artists and creatives who are not only speaking about the art and product they create but about everything else that happens around the product creation. The talk should go beyond the standard presentation of the product and reveal all the emotions, the struggles and the daily life stories behind it. So, instead of only asking the creators what they are doing, asking them why and how they are doing it. Here are some of the key questions which will be answered by the portrayed artists:

“What is your life purpose?
What is the best feeling in the world for you? In which moment or situation do you feel most connected to yourself?
What is your biggest fear?
What gives you inspiration?
What do you need in order to be productive? How did you find out your true calling?
Why are you continuing with what you are doing even while others doubt you?
What do you think makes you most happy in your life?”

I hope you also got a bit excited!
If so, you can read and watch more about subcultalks right here from September onwards.
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I will explain to you why very soon. :)

Hasta muy pronto!