Jonathan is 34 years old, born and raised in a small village in a rural area of Costa Rica. At the age of 20 he moved to San José, Costa Rica´s capital, to study English and eventually work as a banker for one of the most prestigious banks of Costa Rica. Until the age of 27 when he would meet his future boyfriend Eric, fashion designer, yoga instructor and life philosopher, who helped him explore his actual life purpose and living his passion for art. Since then he has been working as an artist in San José. You can find his impressive abstract art work on his website. At the moment he is working part-time at boutique hostel Casa del Parque in San José where he can be himself and meets interesting backpackers from all over the world. He´s planning to move to Berlin for a couple of months next year to get new input and inspiration. What his favorite word is? Well, have a look at the video below, get to know Jonathan, his vision, what he thinks about money, being an employee and life in general.        

If you are interested in meeting Jonathan in real life, talking to him, sharing point of views and seeing his art, then make sure you come either to one of the upcoming ART+PASTRY subcultours starting from mid-October  or to boutique hostel Casa del Parque during your vacation in Costa Rica!

Website of Jonathan
Instagram of Jonathan

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