On the first sunny day of this year Katja and I were sitting in my garden and absorbing each single sunray. She asked me about the future of subcultours in Dresden. "How many artists can you get on board and when should the opening day be". It only took me a second to say "I want to have 5 artists by May, and let's have the opening party on June 22nd". Ever since that day, I worked tirelessly to accomplish that and was rewarded with success.

// Location check

The location was perfect, we celebrated at an old factory called Nikkifaktur, which has been renovated and now houses alternative workspaces. Owner Marco holds creativity and sustainability very dear to himself - a perfect fit for us.

We had an amazing evening jam-packed with creativity, power, and positive vibes. subcultours is finally LIVE in Dresden. Our artists shared details about their lives, their passion, and what they bring to the community.

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        // Creative Speed Speeches


György de Val, our DJ artist in Dresden, just founded a music label because he didn‘t want to pay fees to existing music labels. And our baker, who is doing an absolutely tasty workshop about the one and only "Dresdner Eierschecke" just learned some new skills at an international cruise ship.

But just storytelling would be boring, right? I mean, subcultours is also about learning by doing, getting to know how others find inspiration and embrace creativity in a modern world.

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// Mini subcultours

So we had a mini subcultour with Torsten Görg, founder of Kornkreise, permaculture designer and baker without borders. He showed us how easy it is to bake your homemade bread in a community! And Lars P. Krause, who is doing gigposters, opend his doors and showed us his incredible silkscreen working space.






subcultours dresden julia city lead dresden

// Einfach machen

It was one of these evenings which leaves you feeling down to earth and refreshed from all the nice vibes! I can’t wait to continue the journey and see you at future subcultours and events!

Your Julia - City Lead subcultours Dresden (Contact me > julia@subcultours.com)

Pssst! The amazing shots are taken by our lovely friend and photographer Laura Döring.