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Gräfekiez is the area south of Kottbusser Tor when you walk down Kottbusser Straße towards Neukölln. Just behind the Kottbusser Brücke (any other name wouldn't have made sense) past the corner with bar "Zum Fuchsbau", the official Gräfestraße begins. When you cycle up and down the street, you already get a first impression of the spirit of this neighborhood. Small designer shops, Turkish kebab places, dark and dusty night bars. That’s the rhythm you gonna find here. A mix of cultures, smells and life attitudes concentrated on a small area around Gräfestraße.

Kreuzkölln - more than a home to hipsters

Most of the people think about places like Fuchsbau, Ankerklause, Kaffeebar when they hear Gräfekiez. But there are many more small hidden places, cafés and shops which do not (yet) stick to everybody’s mind. Alexis, the Canadian fermentation queen who’s running our GINGER BEER subcultours, moved to Gräfekiez in 2014. In this berlinoscope she shares her favorite spots in her hood.


Homemade cakes, local lemonades and Turkish shawarma

When you have a free hour or a meeting, you can check in at Zazza café. Tasty homemade cakes, local lemonades and second-hand furniture gives the coffee place its charming flair.

For fast but delicious lunch or dinner, a safe value is Imren – the very nice Turkish team serves traditional Anatolic kitchen for good price/quality. Get your Ayran and shawarma before you continue with your explorer tour in the Kiez or heading back to work.

A summer night in Gräfekiez - unpretentious, alternative, easy

In summer times, the go to-place for dinner with friends: “Il Casolare”. The pizzeria is usually very busy and crowded on a warm summer day. Make sure you come a bit earlier so that you still enjoy the sunset afterwards on Admiralbrücke, just next to Il Casolare. Get your beer or lemonade in the Späti next door, chill on the bridge while listening to street musicians and watching people passing by: dancing clochards, hipster students, alternative families. If you still feel like having another beer, go to Schlawinchen Bar. It’s probably THE most traditional bar in the hood and seems to have been there forever after a life time of 37 years.

On a Saturday, you don’t have to travel long distances to discover small, individual alternative shops. Just stroll along Dieffenbachstraße and discover tea shops, upcycling furniture labels and vegan coffee shops popping up every few meters. If you like going to green markets, you shouldn’t miss out on Zickenplatz market which takes place every Saturday and Tuesday. 

GINGER BEER subcultours

Most of the time Alexis is working on new fermentation processes and always thinks of which veggie or fruit she can ferment next. If you want to learn more about fermentation and meet Alexis in real life, join one of her GINGER BEER subcultours where you gonna meet Alexis in her private home and experiment together in her laboratory. 

Thanks a lot Alexis for sharing with us your favorite places in your hood! :)