It was a rainy summer evening in Berlin when Marta and Ivan from Antikapratika ceramics hosted their first subcultours experience. The theme for the night was tattoos and ceramics, and was joined by Rae from Love from Berlin, Martin, founder of Berlin Loves You, and other local friends.


Marta and Ivan are the ultimate creative duo. The couple met in 1995 and moved to Berlin 10 years ago after living in Italy. Ivan is a well-known line tattoo artist who started his career in 2000 after realizing his passion for drawing can be used to create tattoos. Shortly after moving to Berlin, Ivan joined Blut & Eisen, one of the most influential tattoo shops in Europe, to create his unique designs.


“My aim is to always create a unique and exclusive tattoo for every customer and to never replicate any of my work. Each and every one of the tattoos that I do is my very own interpretation, based on my customer's ideas, feelings, and personality.” — Ivan

Marta, a self-taught creative, formed her passion in pottery after studying with ceramics master, Giancarlo Scapin, in her hometown of Schio, Italy. But it was only once they moved to Berlin permamently four years ago, that she started Antikapratika ceramics with Ivan. Together, Ivan and Marta set out to create classical tattoos for different materials like handmade ceramics and tableware.


“Travelling, studying languages, discovering new cultures, talking and listening to people of all kind always keeping my heart and eyes wide open, has helped me to improve my creativity.” — Marta

Our evening together started with a tour of the Blut & Eisen tattoo shop. As Ivan walked us through the studio, he described how each of his hand drawn tattoos are a personal interpretation based on the customer's ideas, feelings, and personality. Ivan gave us a look into his talents by stenciling a tattoo on the spot for one of our subcultours friends, and I naturally offered my tattoo-free arm for his design. I am still sporting my temporary tattoo, thanks, Ivan!

tattoo-and-ceramics subculture berlin.jpg

After the tour we headed to Ivan and Marta’s home to try our hand at tattooing. When we arrived at their home, we were greeted by their adorable French bulldog, Kornelio, and ate delicious homemade pizza while Marta described the magic behind her tattooed ceramic collection.

tattoo-and-ceramics subculture berlin.jpg

Marta’s ceramic bowls, mugs, and Apotheke jars were breathtaking. She handmakes each piece in her home using Mont Blanc Porcelain and stoneware clay and decorates her designs with tattoo motifs that she created with Ivan. The results are stunning! A beautiful transfer of tattoo designs to ceramics that is unlike anything I have ever seen. Marta’s ceramics are also extremely durable and 100% dishwasher safe.

“Exactly like in tattooing, each time we paint motifs, we give a personal variation which makes every single item a unique single piece, made just for you.” - Marta and Ivan

tattoo-and-ceramics subculture berlin IV.jpg
tattoo-and-ceramics subculture berlin III.jpg

Inspired by Marta and Ivan’s creations, we decided to try our hand at tattooing. We each chose a design from their collection and practiced tattooing on a piece of leather- sorry vegan friends. Learning how to tattoo was a challenge but such a fun experience! Holding a tattoo gun requires a steady hand and a light touch, something Ivan and Marta have both mastered. After several tries, we each got our turn on the machine and created our own designs. How many of you can say you’ve done a (mock) tattoo?

tattoo-and-ceramics subculture berlin II.jpg
tattoo-and-ceramics subculture berlin.jpg

It was such a lovely evening and a special treat to step inside the life of Marta and Ivan. I now have a newfound respect for tattoo artists and the incredible talent it takes to create such personal and intricate designs. Marta’s ceramics were so unique, and together with Ivan, they have found a way to bring their love of classical tattoo designs into our homes, for everyday use.

If you got excited and also want to take part at one of their TATTOO + CERAMICS subcultours, you can book here.

Thank you for the wonderful evening!


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