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The cosmos Berlin is individual, urban and manifold. No matter if you are a day dreamer, a dare devil or an interested traveler, everyone finds his or her own way to discover the creative hot spots of the cultural metropolis Berlin. And as diverse as Berlin’s visitors, backpackers, alternative travelers or global tourists, is the creative spirit and flair of the different “Kiezes”, some specific areas you should not miss out during your stay in Berlin. Just as colorful and fascinating as a kaleidoscope. That is where the idea of subcultours’ berlinoscope comes from. Showing you all the facets and best spots to visit for meeting the creative soul of Berlin. Having a look behind the scenes you would never have only doing a standard tourist tour. So get on. Connect with Berlin’s Creative Crowd and discover your own favorite Kiez.

Unique art, lifestyle & culture at Bergmannkiez

Central part of Bergmannkiez is the Bergmannstraße located in Kreuzberg 61. A lively place full of small cafés, restaurants and bars where you can easily swing by at day or night for having a nice break from traveling. Letting time pass by while not only enjoying a cup of coffee but also keeping a watch on the passers-by. At artsy Kreuzberg 61 locals meet with tourists. There is, for example, the somewhat dated old dandy, gray, long hair, open shirt walking next to a 20 years younger girl who is dressed in very fashionforward vintagege clothes wearing sandals with socks down the street or the very hip and creative architect rushing along with his latest construction designs in his hand.

Kreuzberg 61 - the perfect place for an alternative tour

Be curious and you will see many people with different styles and stories. A colorful area though, with worth seeing second hand shops along Bergmannstraße and lots of small vintage boutiques where you can find any piece of junk from former times telling its very own story. There are many international young people heading to one of the vintage shops for getting their outfit for the next party in Kreuzberg, e.g. atSO 36, a party place very rich in tradition. And don’ t worry - even during the rainy weather you can stroll in Bergmannkiez and take a look around the windows.


Finally, in Turandot, they all come together. The pub is a real institution on the corner of Solmsstraße and the Kiez. Especially those travelers and global vagabonds that are tired of a classical coffee house and into pub subculture, the place is worth stepping by for a nice fresh craft Pils beer or Hefeweizen.

No great story started with eating a salad, yet you should not miss out the very delicious delicacy at Marheineke market hall that lets every travelers heart beats faster. Thus, a good start for a tour of the Kiez. From simple bakers to Italian or French delicatessen: The choice is great, and if you are particularly curious try some dishes that are prepared for you directly at one of the many stands. A few yards further, you find the street food place Knofi with best Turkish pasta, salads and soups in Bergmannkiez. Just get one of the Menemen, a dish made of eggs that is served with garlic sausage and Sucuk sauce. Why not stop at Chamissoplatz, a very nice area close to Tempelhofer Feld and south of Bergmannstraße where lots of students and artists live and work. On saturdays you should go and get some nice local organic products at the weekly market there. A culinary highlight.

Art & Artists at Bergmannkiez

Having eaten, it is for sure not time to rest but to explore the creative heart of Bergmannkiez. Let us introduce you subcultours' artist Kristina Wedel, a Berlin-based freelance Illustrator and Graphic Designer.


Just right at Moritzplatz next to the Prinzessinengarten, where you can have a nice rest in the sun or just do some urban gardening, you can go and find her atelier.  Kristina develops not only the most beautiful little art pieces in Kreuzberg but also editorial illustrations, hand letterings and textile prints as well as free graphic work, layout and corporate designs. Definitely worth meeting her during one of our subcultours called Illustration Journey.

Go on a meditation journey with her to find your inner voice which you need to create and customize your own diary! Also part of the subcultours experience is the visit to Kristina’s favorite café in town. So, don ‘t hesitate, just go and book your subcultour online right now.

To finish your day at Bergmannkiez, the path leads out to the direction of Schöneberg into the green. In Viktoriapark you can relax and finally, on the Kreuzberg take a final look at Berlin while watching the sunset. Not just for romantic travelers yet also for all urban citizens with a sharp eye for beautiful things that are keen on finding their inspiration for the next adventure. Why not with subcultours in Berlin. Go and explore more of our tours and experiences. Connect with Berlin’s Creative Crowd.