"Fiamma" - an Italian name which already sounds smooth and exotic by saying it out loud. Fiamma has Costa-Rican residency but lived the first few years of her life with her family in Italy before coming to Costa Rica. She spent most of her youth in Cuba and Italy.

2015 was a year of life-changing decisions for her. She decided to move back to Costa Rica and to fully follow her two passions: Singing and baking. The 27 year-old, half Italian, half Colombian is full of creativity and expresses this in her songs. Listen to her band, Saturno Devorando. Saturno Devorando is an experimental electro duo Fiamma founded together with her close friend and Costa Rican artist Ronald. Her tunes go beyond the surface and reveal her own deepest emotions. She uses elements of trip-hop, shoegaze, and noise - pretty much the opposite of what we would have thought of typical Costa Rican music.

Below in our subcultalk Fiamma explains how she finally came up with the innovative idea of the eclectic online pâtisserie PASTELOne thing is for sure: Her diverse interests and mix of cultures are reflected in the way she mingles different kinds of flavors and ingredients to make her very own special PASTEL delicacies.   

Curious?! Want to meet, connect and create with Fiamma on your vacation in Costa Rica? Then join us for one of our next ART+PASTRY subcultours in San José, Costa Rica´s capital! Get to know not only Fiamma´s vision and background stories but also make and try her delicious specialty cakes and pastries – and these we promise you won´t find in any other Costa Rican cuisine!

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