Connect with the city´s creative crowd.


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Meet the creative soul of Costa Rica, Germany and Portugal.
Fashion designers, musicians, street artists, specialty coffee baristas and fusion kitchen chefs..curious to learn more about the creative scene of Costa Rica, Germany and Portugal? During your unique subcultours you get to know who these creative locals are, learn what they do and see where they work, live, and get inspired. 
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Who's the person who created the beautiful local bikini label? Who is the guy who was mixing in an electro club last Saturday night in Berlin? Who is the person behind the surf brand every surfer seems to have a board from? Get to know the faces behind the amazing sub/cultures they create in Costa Rica, Germany and Portugal.



Where does the art get created. Where do the artists spend most of their time building something which will change the image of the city and add a new face to it. See ateliers, studios, offices, cafés, bars, backyards, basements - all places which you would normally never have access to as a "standard tourist".





Which materials are used to make eco-friendly but stylish bikinis? Which raw materials are necessary to build a surfboard? Which quality standards make specialty coffee so different? What are local draft beers made of? Learn more about the product and the way it is created.  



Where do the artists get their inspiration from. Where are the places they need to go, visit, spend time to come up with new ideas, concepts and products they will finally create. Visit the artists' very personal places of the city, whether it's their friend's flat, their favorite tree in a park, the small table on the upper floor of their favorite coffee shop or the small independent cinema around the corner.



One of the best tours I’ve ever taken, Im glad there’s a company supporting artistic talents in local communities. I am so happy to have met these passionate people thanks to subcultours.
Fantastic experience! I had a special PASTRY subcultour organised by Katja. I was privileged to be part of the experience. If you’re looking for something a little different than the classic city tours and would like to meet locals then look no further, this is the company to book with..
— Carl M. from London, UK
The JUICE+JEWELRY subcultour in San José was a lot of fun! I had no idea that there are so cool jewelry designers in Costa Rica. The local juices we got to make and try were delicious! Looking forward to do another subcultour. :)
— Marie D. from Paris, France
Costa Rica is definitely the most beautiful place on earth which implies unfortunately touristic actions as well. Joining the SUN+SURF subcultour I had the unique opportunity to dive into the real life of the Ticos. By getting into contact with local artists and their loveable self-made products I had an amazing experience apart from the normal tourist paths. Pura Vida Mei!