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"You have to sit with it" Artwork by Katja Jungwirth

"You have to sit with it" Artwork by Katja Jungwirth

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"You have to sit with it"

Sit with it.
Instead of drinking it away, smoking it away,
sleeping it away, eating it away,
f***ing it away or running from it.
Sit with it.
Healing happens by feeling.
Sit with it.

Uncomfortable feelings, traumatic experiences or things that we just don't want to admit to ourselves - how easy it is for us to repress, numb ourselves and just bury everything somewhere deep inside us. But actually we know very well that every feeling, no matter how well hidden and suppressed, will eventually surface again. The longer we resist it, the more uncomfortable it becomes!

So we have to face our issues and deal with all the dark and uncomfortable - that means that we have to feel, endure and live through every feeling, no matter how difficult it is... only then can it get better!

"You have to sit with it" is intended to be a reminder, a kind of "daily reminder", to feel and allow one's own feelings.

Name: "You have to sit with it"
Material: Acrylic, pencil and oil pastel on canvas.
Size: 140 x 120 x 2 cm

Further characteristics:
  • Sides not painted, with paint from the creation process
  • Matte finish with UV protection
  • Ready to hang
  • Unframed
  • Year: 2023
Shipping fee: Free shipping within Germany, within the EU € 30, outside the EU please inquire about shipping costs in advance.
Shipping area: Worldwide
Location: From Munich, Germany

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