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Tile Engraving Workshop - in Lisbon, Portugal

Tile Engraving Workshop - in Lisbon, Portugal

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Leonor's creative journey started at school where she took a ceramics course for 3 years. Later on she enrolled in another course focused on product design. Her sources of inspiration are music, cinema and architecture. She also gains new ideas from several Portuguese and international artists.
Leonor does not follow the traditional Portuguese tile painting. She prefers to create a new aesthetic which she describes as more minimalist and conceptual than the conventional tile painting technique.

In her "Tile Engraving Workshops", the artist gives you insights in a technique that she has been using ever since she started working with botany and shadow influences. Leonor does not use color through colored glazes, but rather through the enchanting contrast she discovers when digging drawings in the white glaze. These drawings create an image of "negatives and positives" that always awakens her interest. 

With her "Tile Engraving Workshops", Leonor wants to offer you an opportunity to create a work of art that stays with you forever. She wants to give you permission to express yourself aesthetically and conceptually, with all the freedom that engraving allows.
To make sure you stays energetic and focused, she offers you tea and cookies at her private cosy home.
The final piece of art of this workshop is a panel of 2 fired tiles, created by yourself, and attached to an acrylic structure that allows them to be arranged in an easy and elegant way at your homes. Leonor needs a few days to return the fully baked and finished pieces to you. The artists emphasizes: "It's always worth the wait!" :)

Length of workshop: 2.5 hours 
Number of people: 1-5 
Location: At Leonor's private homes in Estefânia, Lisbon
Price per person: € 104; includes one panel of two fired tiles made by you, attached to an acrylic structure so you can display it however you prefer in your home; tea, cookies
Minimum advance booking time: 7 days
Next workshops dates are: Every weekday

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