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"Painting Surf Scenes With Watercolor" Workshop - At Your Location in Portugal

"Painting Surf Scenes With Watercolor" Workshop - At Your Location in Portugal

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Artist and surfer Johny Vieira is passionate about waves, surfing, nature and female sensuality. And it's exactly these passions Johny made a priority in his life, living in his caravan and surfing and painting every day along the coast of Europe. 

In order to catch Johny for one of his ✨Painting Surf Scenes With Watercolor Workshops✨ please check with us first and we let you know where Johny currently resides. 
Johny offers 2 workshop options. 

- "Option 1 for Beginners": 
Here, the main goal is for you to learn the basics of watercolor techniques, so you can understand in a simplified way how watercolor painting works and be able to do a painting by yourself.
You get an understanding of which tools to use and how: Brushes, paper, and pigments.
You learn to paint with one color and create light, midtones, and shadows.

- "Option 2 for Intermediates": 
Here, you get a personal approach from Johny in order to help you develop your already existing knowledge and competence and overcome your difficulties.

During both of his workshops, you learn how to bring a real surf scene on paper. First with pencil and in a second step, by adding watercolors to it. Johny teaches you how to paint intuitively and with patience.
"Let the painting happen through you and get in the creative flow!"
You will take home an A4 painting on cotton paper made by yourself and one by Johny. 

Length of workshop: 3 hours
Number of people: 1 - 2 people
Location: Caravan - on the travel, currently in Sagres, Portugal 
Price per person: € 70, includes all material, 2 paintings (1 by you and 1 by Johny), coffee and sweets.
Minimum advance booking time: 1 day, in case you are at the same location as Johny. Please check here regularly for location updates or reach out to us directly. 
Next workshops dates are: Everyday

 To see more of Johny's beautiful artwork and surf skills, check his IG account

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