Natural Indigo Textile Dyeing Workshop - in Penafiel, Portugal

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Come and visit the historical city of Penafiel in Portugal for the ✨Natural indigo textile dyeing workshop✨ at artist Eva’s home-studio! 🙂
During Eva’s 3-4 hour workshop you learn all about indigo blue, a blue pigment known for its magical process. You also create your own lil’ wearable souvenir: An own indigo dyed silk scarf, a tote-bag or a t-shirt. 🥰
Eva will take care of you during the entire workshop and serve you nice pastries and bread from her local bakery, fresh lemon water to stay hydrated, coffee, tea and soda. And to completely indulge in the experience, she even has some red and white wine available, produced at the farm from her mother-in-law! If you bring some extra time with you, Eva will walk you around after the workshop to show you some of her favorite viewpoints and little streets of her beloved hometown Penafiel.

Length of workshop: 3-4 hours

Number of people: 2 people

Location: At Eva's private home studio in Penafiel, Porto
Price per person: € 104 - includes one Indigo Dyed Textile Piece, pastries, bread, fresh lemon water, coffee, tea and soda.
Minimum advance booking time: 7 days

Next workshops: 
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