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Ceramic Dick Sculpture Workshop with Daniela in Berlin, Germany

Ceramic Dick Sculpture Workshop with Daniela in Berlin, Germany

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During Danielas Ceramic Dick Sculpture Workshop at her cosy studio in Berlin Alt-Moabit you have the chance to shape the dick of that dickhead you need to take out of your system or the dream dick you’ve always fantasized about.

You can shape your lover’s or your ex’s or even your own dick. Every idea is welcome at artist Daniela Torres' studio where you can feel safe and free.

The Ceramic Dick Sculpture Workshop in Berlin takes 2 hours and Daniela guides you to shape the dick sculpture you want to create. For the glazing, you only need to choose a color within the artist’s color palette and Daniela will take care of the rest.

Pick up your finished sculpture at the artist's studio after two weeks. You get an email indicating the date and time.

About the artist:

Daniela Torres is an Ecuadorian artist based in Berlin. She loves to challenge gender normativity in society through photography and ceramics.

All You Need To Know for the Ceramic Dick Sculpture Workshop in Berlin:

Length of workshop: 2 hours

Number of people: 2 - 10 people 

Location: At Daniela's art studio in Alt-Moabit (15min foot walk from Berlin Main Station!) or at your location.

Price per person: € 85; includes all materials for one sculpture: Clay, 1 glaze and firing of the piece, tea and wine.

Minimum advance booking time: 7 days

Next workshops dates: See calendar.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
So proud of my artwork

This is the only piece of my own artwork that I proudly display in my home!
Before getting to the workshop i was nervous about what I would make, and also what would get out of a workshop like this, but it was a beautiful process to break that down, improvise and explore what your hands make... we all have some kind of relationship with this topic, so what better way to reflect than through getting creative.
I can only recommend!

Great experience! :)

It was a very refreshing and relaxing experience to take part to the workshop with Dani. We had fun and created some unique masterpieces;)

Highly recommend if you want to try something that can only be found in Berlin!