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"LIFE DRIVE" Artwork by Charlie Visconage

"LIFE DRIVE" Artwork by Charlie Visconage

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Those of us who are living life fully will be in this loop forever. Our lizard brains demand it and our more evolved emotions crave it. 

Charlie Visconage is an American self-taught artist, living between Washington DC. and Portugal. When other kids told him at a young age he was a "bad drawer" in school, he believed it for far too long.

In 2014, a friend suggested he paint just for the hell of it, and Charlie found a new means of expression that he loved and hasn't stopped painting since. 

Charlie makes brightly colored, funny landscape paintings, portraits, and sculptures. "LIFE DRIVE" is one of his latest works.

Material: Acrylic, house paint, and gouache on stretched canvas.
Size:  77 x 102 cm 
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Location: Washington, DC
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