subcultalk with Daniela Torres, fine art photographer, curator, ceramic artist, and host of the "Ceramic Dick Sculpture Workshops“ in Berlin, Germany

I discovered Daniela Torres first when I came across her Instagram channel.
It was mostly her brave, bold attitude and her creative, intimate photography and ceramic artwork that made her profile look special and stand out in my eyes. When I asked her if she would like to join subcultours, she agreed. We decided to meet at her studio in Alt-Moabit and write an article about her to introduce her "Ceramic Dick Sculpture Workshops“.

subcultalk with fine art photographer and ceramic artist Daniela Torres by subcultours Berlin
photo by zoooi
Daniela was born and raised in Ecuador. Her family wanted a stable, conservative way of life for her daughter. She listened partially to their advise and decided to follow a more “secure“ path. So, she started to study fashion design back in Quito, Ecuador's capital and her home town.
From the beginning, she didn’t like fashion design. Nonetheless, she was doing well and even won some prices at her university. Daniela liked the art direction, but not the actual labor part. A year before graduation, she decided to throw the towel and quit. Quit for a better, more exciting life.
“A life that simply suited better to my needs and dreams.“

subcultalk with fine art photographer and ceramic artist Daniela Torres by subcultours Berlin II
photo by zoooi
Daniela came to Berlin in 2010. That’s where she has been staying ever since. She has even kept the same apartment. For 13 (!) years now, which is very unusual for people living in Berlin. Especially for artists living in Berlin. “I can even afford myself an own art studio now since I kept my old house contract from 13 years ago“, says Daniela, happy and relieved to have found a separate space for her passions, apart from her private life.

subcultalk with fine art photographer and ceramic artist Daniela Torres by subcultours Berlin III
photo by zoooi

It was also in Berlin that Daniela decided to study again. This time photography. In photography, she found her true calling. A way to express her deepest self. Her dreams, longings, emotions. It’s a way where she can express her creativity in a playful, bold but intimate way.

Even though Daniela has been facing many challenges over the past few years, she has never stopped chasing her dream to become a professional artist in the fine arts world.
Today, she has a solid network in the art industry, a personal art dealer and the standing to show her work in established galleries throughout Germany.

subcultalk with fine art photographer and ceramic artist Daniela Torres by subcultours Berlin V

It was during Covid times, that she came up with the idea of a ceramic workshop concept. A way to generate some side income during the tough times.
“It was my grandma who taught me ceramics when I was a child back in Ecuador. Even she used to host workshops at her house", Daniela says, smiling.
Daniela mingled her interest for sexual sensuality with clay and the very hot topic of gender identity. “A “Ceramic Dick Sculpture Workshop“ as a form of therapy where people can let go all constraints and feel free to express their own sexual desires and fantasies by creating the dick of their dreams“, says Daniela.

Ceramic Dick Sculpture Workshop - in Berlin, Germany 10

A way to connect with other, like-minded souls over an intimate topic, which is spoken a lot about in society in an abstract, generalized way. With her workshops, Daniela wants to break the conversation down into a more personal, intimate format that allows the individual to express their own stories, in and out of the bedroom, with all the experiences and emotions, good and bad, they went through.

Ceramic Dick Sculpture Workshop - in Berlin, Germany by subcultours x

“It’s a form of therapy what happens during my workshops“, Daniela says. “I’m creating a safe space, sharing my own horror stories that I’ve been through, and therefore opening up an ambiance where everybody else, too, feels free and at ease to share what they have been through“. With a glass of wine, the workshop attendees have the chance to mingle and create an unforgettable cosy, intimate and crafty 2 hours experience that will certainly leave an unforgettable mark in their memory. 

Ceramic Dick Sculpture Workshop - in Berlin, Germany x

The feedback for Dani’s “Ceramic Dick Sculpture Workshops“ has been twofold though. Whilst her workshop attendees usually have had a great, unique time creating the dick sculptures of their dreams, she has been facing a lot of criticism from the gallery industry and social media authorities. “I get a lot of attention for my Ceramic Dick Sculpture Workshops and get constantly criticized for them. My mum told me to stop with it. I saw it as an opportunity. A way to be provocative. I love to be provocative. For me, that was a sign to continue exactly with what I was doing. I will never stop.“

Ceramic Dick Sculpture Workshop - in Berlin, Germany by subcultours Berlin

You can book your spot for one of Dani’s upcoming “Ceramic Dick Sculpture Workshops“ here or reach out to us directly for special booking requests.

We hope you liked this article. Leave a comment in the section below, see you at one of our upcoming workshops and stay tuned for what’s coming next! 

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