Taste These Erotic Times

Love making, whether it’s alone, with our partner or partners, or in groups. It just makes life more beautiful, sensual and spicy. 

Taste These Erotic Times by subcultours

Our sex drive gives us energy to live, to motivate, to inspire. It has been suppressed and been a taboo for so many years and generations, especially for women - and of course, it still is a topic of shame in a lot of regions in the world today. In this article, we want to celebrate our sexuality in all forms and ways how to live and play with it.

Also on our platform you can find sensual and playful experiences with some of our artists, who embrace the subject of eroticism and made it to their personal muse and source of inspiration. 

Ceramica Erotica Workshop - in Lisbon, Portugal

For instance during the "Ceramica Erotica Workshop" with artist Lizzie at her atelier in Lisbon.
During her 2 hour workshop you get to create the sex parts of your dreams or nightmares. There are no rules to what you can imagine and form into your personal clay reality. Lizzie is very easy-going and fun wich makes the whole experience joyful and vibrant.

Ceramica Erotica Workshop - in Lisbon, Portugal by subcultours

Next to our Lisbon workshop, we do have a Berlin-based artist in our range that made masculine sexuality and body parts to her source of inspiration.

Ceramic Dick Sculpture Workshop - in Berlin, Germany

With artist and photographer Daniela Torres you can create the dick sculpture art piece of your imagination during her 2 hour "Ceramic Dick Sculpture Workshop" at her cosy studio in Berlin-Moabit. Whether you see it as a therapy session to get your ex out of the system or as a fun time with your friends, every idea is welcome at artist Daniela's studio where you can feel safe and free.

Ceramic Dick Sculpture Workshop - in Berlin, Germany

If you prefer to get all sensual and move your entire body, then the "Ebbs & Flows Pole Dance Workshop" with pole dancer Carolina in Lisbon might be for you. You can meet her at the Pole Dance Studio in Lisbon, Portugal, where she also trains herself and gives regular classes.

Ebbs & Flows Pole Dance Workshop - in Lisbon, Portugal by subcultours

During Carolina's "Ebbs & Flows Pole Dance Workshop" you learn two types of movement: The static and the spin flow. Learn to surrender, get off the ground and maybe even try your first aerial tricks! 

Ebbs & Flows Pole Dance Workshop - in Lisbon, Portugal by subcultours

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