Pole Dance Culture in Portugal

Brief History of Global Pole Dance Culture

In our modern world, pole dance is mostly seen as a form of fitness exercise. A new way to get in shape. It became kind of mainstream back in the early 2000s, starting in the United States and then slowly swapping over to Europe and other parts of the world. With its increase in popularity, it gained the reputation as a form of graceful and strong self-expression.

Pole Dance Culture in Portugal by subcultours

Its origins go mainly back to Chinese and Indian pole. In the 12th century in China, circus performers did use a pole of around 9 meters to perform their acrobatic tricks on it. The pole dance modality that is practiced today, is a mix of various influences stemming from hip-hop, ballet, Jazz, and breakdancing. Sometimes, you can also notice traditional moves from ancient Chinese pole dance. As regards the pole itself, today most pole dance studios use stainless steel poles that are fixed to a rotating axis. This way performers can rotate on the pole in a fixed position.

Pole Dance Culture in Portugal by subcultours

Pole Dance Culture in Portugal

In Portugal, pole dance started to become a thing back in 2005.
The first school opened in Lisbon in 2007. It was only in 2018 though, that the Portuguese pole dance community decided to found an official "Portuguese Pole Sport Association" (in Portuguese, the Associação Portuguesa de Varão Desportivo – APVD). The main goal of the association is to develop the pole dance community throughout whole Portugal.
From 2007 until today, about 40 pole dance spaces have emerged over all parts of Portugal. It’s a mix of small studios, dance schools and gyms devoted to pole dancing.

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Main benefits and goals of Pole Dance

The main benefits of pole dance are certainly the improvement of physical and psychological well-being as a result of regular practice and the positive development in the pole dancers’ own body perception. The goals of pole dancing practice are for sure more body appreciation and acceptance. In the pole dance community, all body shapes are accepted and valued.

One of the main reasons for people to start with the pole dance practice is their own curiosity. Other reasons to start is the wish to perform a disruptive and sensual activity, to be able to overcome themselves or because they decided to accept a friends' invitation.
After more practice, more experienced dancers appreciate the improvement of their physical condition. More experienced athletes are also attracted by the possibility to combine pole dance with acrobatics and other types of sport.

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We did some research and gathered here the names and locations of 6 of Portugal’s best Pole Dance Studios

6 best Pole Dance Studios in Portugal

1. Pole Dance Portugal
Address: Estrada da Portela 5, Lote 4, 2º andar (1o escritório)  2790-045 Lisbon

2. Deep Dance Pole Dance Studio 

Address: R. Amália Rodrigues 28, 2695-063 Bobadela

3. A Pompadourette
Address: R. Filipe Folque, 1, 1050-110 Lisbon

4. Academia de Pole Dance
Address: LX FACTORY -Rua Rodrigues Faria 103 Edifício I, piso 2, espaço 2.08A 1300-501 Lisbon

5. Brown Sugar Art 'n' Pole Dance Studio
Address: Travessa das Mercês nº 22A Misericórdia, Bairro Alto 1200-269 Lisbon

6. Pole Heart - Pole Dance, Movement & Fitness Studio
Address: R. São Tomás de Aquino 18 D, 1600-001 Lisbon

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Our Pole Dance Workshop in Lisbon

When you are keen to have a first experience with Pole Dance, you can try our "Ebbs & Flows Pole Dance Workshop" with pole dancer and teacher Carolina, which also takes place at the above mentioned Pole Dance Portugal Studio in Lisbon.

The workshop is divided into two sections of movement, englobing a static and a spin flow. You dive deep into some grounding and earth connecting static pole flow including some floor- and legwork. You also focus on a pole spin flow, where you learn to surrender, get off the ground and learn some first aerial tricks.

Check it out and book your spot here.

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