Hamburg’s 14 best places to chill, get creative and be active, recommended by our artists

From independent art galleries to offbeat coffee shops, Hamburg offers quite a few unique and inspiring places for creative souls to explore.
In this blog post, we asked our Hamburg-based artists about their favorite places to chill, get creative and be active.

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1. Places to chill in Hamburg

- Stadtpark Hamburg

In the Hamburg city park, you can relax, sunbathe and barbecue. You can be active with mini golf, jogging or swimming in the “Stadtparksee” natural pool. You can also get around on the Stadtparksee with stand-up paddling.


- Elbstrand

The Strandperle is located on the Elbe beach in Övelgönne, a popular destination for walkers, sunbathers, joggers and barbecue enthusiasts.
Here you can experience a piece of real Hamburg!


- Park Planten un Blomen

Another creative city escape to nature is Planten un Blomen, a captivating park that offers a tranquil retreat in the heart of Hamburg. This beautiful green space hosts various cultural events, including concerts, light installations, and open-air theater performances, providing a unique source of inspiration for creative souls.


- Boberger Düne

Hamburg's last shifting dune is surrounded by heathland and marsh meadows. On the varied hike you can taste the atmosphere of different landscapes one after the other in time lapse.


2. Creative Places in Hamburg

- Gängeviertel
Even though located in the heart of Hamburg, Gängeviertel is a hidden gem that has been revitalized by local artists and creative organizations. Explore the narrow streets full of vibrant murals and visit the small art galleries to immerse yourself in the city's creative spirit.


- Kunsthalle Hamburg
Kunsthalle is a renowned art gallery house with an extensive collection of contemporary and classic artworks, providing an ideal platform for local and international artists to showcase their talent.

- Karoviertel
Karoviertel is an eclectic neighborhood filled with artistic vibes. This trendy district is home to numerous galleries, independent boutiques, and lots of interesting street art. You can go for a walk through the charming streets and discover the unique artworks of local artists.


- Schanzenviertel
It is characterized by the many old buildings, trendy shops, bars and coffee shops and is located in the middle of the Hanseatic city near the Sternschanzenpark.

Around 8,000 people live in the quarter, which is about half a square kilometer in size and is often just referred to as “Schanze”.

It’s known for its alternative and vibrant atmosphere. This neighborhood is also known as a hub for independent businesses where creative minds come together to share ideas and inspiration.


- Deichtorhallen
Located in the heart of Hamburg, Deichtorhallen is an exhibition space that combines contemporary art, photography, and design. The dynamic exhibitions hosted here attract art enthusiasts from around the world, making it another creative stop for any traveler and art enthusiast.

3. Things to Do in Hamburg

- Isemarkt on Friday morning

With a length of almost a kilometer, the Isemarkt is a particularly large weekly market. Around 200 exhibitors sell their goods here twice a week, in picturesque surroundings and a pleasant atmosphere. The Isemarkt between the Hoheluftbrücke and Eppendorfer Baum subway stops is now a part of Hamburg that is hard to imagine without.


- Barca Bootsverleih an der Alster for sunset

Beautiful place in Hamburg on the Outer Alster where you can find a summer terrace, an event location and a boat rental.


- Codos Coffee in Mühlenkamp

At this coffee shop, you can be sure to find delicious coffee, tasty desserts, a modern interior and good music."


- Vabali Spa

It’s a popular Balinese-inspired day spa with an integrated hotel that is located around 20 km outside of Hamburg. It’s designed in a way to resemble a Balinese village.


- Entenwerder 1

Specialty coffee, breakfast & cafe meals in a warehouse-style space or at riverside tables.


4. Creative Workshops with our Artists in Hamburg

While in Hamburg, make sure you meet and create with at least one of our artists. 

- Painting Workshops

When you are into painting and spirituality, or are curious to learn more about it, then Sabela's Intentional Painting Workshop or Self-Love Through Breast Portrait Workshop might be for you. 

Intentional Painting Workshop in Hamburg with artist Sabela by subcultours

Alternatively, you can meet and paint with Anne during her "Unleash Your Inner Watercolor Goddess" Painting Workshops. Step into your feminine power and discover both the artist and goddess in you.  

"Unleash Your Inner Watercolor Goddess" Painting Workshop with Anne in Hamburg, Germany by subcultours

- Linocut Printing Workshops

Have you ever heard of linocut printing?
Illustrator Eva welcomes you to one of her "Everyone can draw (Postcards)!" Linocut Printing Workshops at her art studio in Altona-Nord. 

"Everyone can draw (Postcards)!" Workshop with Eva in Hamburg, Germany by subcultours

- Macramé Workshops

When you like a calm vibe where you can get into a creative flow and meditative state of mind, then the Meditative Macramé Workshop with Janina might be for you.

To come to an end..

Hamburg, with its thriving creative scene, offers a multitude of inspiring places for artistic minds to chill, get creative again and be active.
From oasis in nature to art galleries and alternative neighborhoods, this city is a gem of creativity.

So, pack your bags for your next creative weekend escape and embark on a journey to discover Hamburg's creative workshops and best spots in town!

When you want to share more hidden gems in Hamburg and its surroundings, write us in the section below! 

We're excited to hear from you,
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