Ceramic Workshops in Portugal 

As we already wrote in our article ”The World of Ceramics Lisbon“, Portugal is known for its clay resources and therefore established ceramic industry. 
Without forcing it or putting the focus on ceramic artists, we naturally have a vast majority of ceramic artists in our portfolio who host all sorts of ceramic workshops in Portugal. 
The artists have their homes, studios and workspaces all over Portugal. 

In this article we would like to present them to you. 

Our ceramic artists and their ceramic workshops in Portugal

First, we would like to start with the very north of Portugal and go slowly towards the south. 

Our ceramic workshops in Porto

Ceramic Workshops Portugal by subcultours I

Porto Tiles and Tea Workshop - in Porto, Portugal

With ceramic artist Francisco you can not only learn more about the history of Portuguese tiles, but also some of the traditional tile painting techniques. You visit him in his cosy ceramic studio in Porto downtown and paint two tiles with some of the original Portuguese motives during his 2 hours workshop.

 Ceramic Workshops Portugal by subcultours II

Ceramic Creations Workshop - in Porto, Portugal

Daniela Morgada aka LUZITA is a ceramist who focuses mostly on creating lamps. She loves having people at her studio in Porto Downtown or at her home and share her knowledge. That's why she invites you to her Ceramic Creations Workshop where you have the chance to create 3 pieces of clay yourself. You learn the techniques Lastra, Snake and Finger.
Ceramic Workshops Portugal by subcultours III

Tile Painting Workshop - in Porto, Portugal

Also with ceramist Daniela you have the chance to paint your own unique tile during her Tile Painting Workshop. You also learn about the history of Portuguese Tiles, how they gained their importance among the Portuguese folk, which colors they mostly used, and which were and still are today the most visited places of attraction. 

 Ceramic Dining artist workshop in Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal by subcultours small

Ceramic Dining Workshop - in Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal

With ceramic artist, food chef and jewelry maker Celia you can create your own custom ceramic coffee cup or buddha bowl and enjoy a lovely dinner with local ingredients and some delicious regional drinks, prepared by Celia, at her magic home and workplace in Vila Nova de Gaia.

Our ceramic workshop in Tomar

 Ceramic Workshops Portugal by subcultours V

"Discovering Ceramics" Workshop - in Tomar, Portugal

During ceramic artist Daisy’s 3 hour workshop at her home and studio in Tomar, you learn the hand building techniques coils and slabs. You can create a mug, a bowl, a small vase, a candleholder, a plant pot or an abstract form of your choice. Daisy teaches you the basics of her favorite material, that is high-fired stoneware clay. She will fire and glaze your ceramic creation after the workshop.

Our ceramic workshop in Caldas da Rainha 

Ceramic Workshops Portugal by subcultours VI

Clay Session Workshop - in Caldas da Rainha, Portugal

Margarida is a Portuguese ceramic artist and designer based in Caldas da Rainha. She explores ceramics with a methodic design approach. During her Clay Session Workshops you get an introduction to the ceramics world that plays such an important role in the history and development of the city of Caldas da Rainha. You learn the three major techniques to work with clay and enjoy some delicious tea and sugar-free vegan desserts provided Margarida's friend, a local producer.

Our ceramic workshop in Santa Cruz

Ceramic Workshops Portugal by subcultours VII

"Dive Into All Ceramic Techniques" Workshop - in Santa Cruz, Portugal

Nature is a source of inspiration and motivation for the Santa Cruz-based ceramic artist Sara. The slow process of creating ceramics is something she finds both challenging and fulfilling. During her Dive Into All Ceramic Techniques Workshops, you can explore the most common ceramic creation techniques that are Pinching, Coiling, Slab building and the famous Pottery wheel. Sara provides all the materials and tools necessary for the development of your art pieces. 

Our ceramic workshop in Ericeira

Ceramic Workshops Portugal by subcultours VII

The "101 Ceramics" Ceramic Basic Techniques Workshop - in Ericeira, Portugal

Chila is a young ceramic artist based in Ericeira, Portugal. She loves working with ceramics because it allows her to explore her imagination through sculpture and painting techniques. During her 101 Ceramics Ceramic Basic Techniques Workshop you learn the basic ceramic techniques slab building, pinch pot and coil. You get to touch clay in its raw form for the first time and you learn about its different stages of hardness and how to glue various pieces together. During 3 hours can can create up to 4 pieces with the help of the artist. 

Our ceramic workshops in Lisbon

 Ceramic Workshops Portugal by subcultours IX

Ceramica Erotica Workshop - in Lisbon, Portugal

British artist Elizabeth decided to make Lisbon her new home to gain some new light and inspiration. During her Ceramica Erotica Workshops she invites you to create ceramics inspired by sensuality, fantasy and erotica. Clay itself is an incredibly sensual material, inviting touch and play making it the perfect medium for exploring eroticism in art. Elizabeth will guide and assist you to make your own individual ceramic design. For a first round of brainstorming and inspiration you are invited to sketch your ideas over a glass of Portuguese wine or water whilst flicking through vintage playboy magazines. Then you will realize your vision using coil and slab techniques and decorating with "sgraffito-technique". You can choose between earthenware clay or air dry clay for your piece of art.

Ceramic Workshops Portugal by subcultours Portugal XII

Ceramic Shapes Art Workshop - in Lisbon, Portugal

Anna is a Lisbon-based Russian ceramics artist. It is the material clay that makes her most happy since it gives her the opportunity to work with shapes in a free and boundless way. During her 3-hour Ceramic Shapes Art Workshop at her studio in Lisbon you create your own unique custom vase. You can choose between air-dry clay or mid-fire clay and glaze the vase, depending on your preference. Anna helps you to dive into your own world of feelings and translate and express them via ceramic creations.

Ceramic Workshops Portugal by subcultours Portugal XX

Tile Engraving Workshop - in Lisbon, Portugal

Ceramic artist Leonor does not follow the traditional Portuguese tile painting. She prefers to create a new aesthetic which she describes as more minimalist and conceptual than the conventional tile painting technique. In her Tile Engraving Workshops, she explains you a technique that she has been using ever since she started working with botany and shadow influences. Leonor does not use color through colored glazes, but rather through the enchanting contrast she discovers when digging drawings in the white glaze. These drawings create an image of "negatives and positives" that always awakens her interest. 

Our ceramic workshops on the Azores 

Ceramic Workshops Portugal by subcultours Portugal XXI

Pottery Workshop - on Santa Maria Island, Azores, Portugal

Ceramic artist Marina decided to change her home in Lisbon for the easternmost island Santa Maria. She moved into an old family house where she found enough space to set up her ceramic atelier. Marina's work is strongly inspired by the sea and nature. Through her work with clay, small characters from the stories and legends of the Archipelagos emerge. The so-called stories of the "Imaginary of the Sea". During her Pottery Workshops, she shows you three different techniques so you can start creating your own "little monster" and other utilitarian ceramic pieces. At the end of the workshop, you receive a surprise souvenir made by the artist herself! :)

Our ceramic workshops at your location

Next to the ceramic workshops taking place at the artists’ private homes, studios and workspaces, we implemented a new feature where you can book artist workshops at your own place, whether it’s your private home, your hotel, your Bed & Breakfast, your café or your company building.

Ceramic Workshops Portugal by subcultours Portugal XXV

"Make Your Own Ceramic Set" Workshop - At Your Location in Portugal
You can for instance book Joana for one of her  Make Your Own Ceramic Set Workshops. Joana comes to your location and brings all the needed equipment with her so you can create your own unique set of cups, bowls, plates, or maybe even a jar. She is a Portuguese designer and ceramicist, based in Lisbon and Caldas da Rainha. Her focus lies on homeware ceramics and decoration pieces which are mostly made in the potter's wheel, an ancestral technique. All of her production tries to follow a sustainable way, with the help of local resources.

Ceramic Workshops Portugal by subcultours Portugal XXX

Now, that you learned about all of our current ceramic workshops in Portugal, we hope you got inspired to get hands on yourself and learn some new or advanced skills in ceramic making. Slab building, coil, pinch pot, the potter's wheel, you name it. There are so many ceramic techniques to learn and to bring to perfection. Our artists in Portugal are happy to help you with this!

When you liked this article or have any suggestions or feedback for us, please leave a comment in the section below.

Until next time!

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