Abstract Art Teambuilding Painting Afternoon with subcultours founder and artist Kat in Berlin

In the fast-paced world of business, finding moments of relaxation, creativity and connection can be a challenge. Yet, when Berlin-based software gaming company Wooga reached out to us with a unique Team Workshop request, we saw an opportunity to ignite inspiration and foster team unity in an unexpected way.

Just two weeks ago, an email landed in our inbox from Wooga, seeking a last-minute team-building event for their employees. With a tight timeframe and high expectations, we accepted the challenge without hesitation.

Initially, we explored various creative workshop options in Berlin, but the short notice posed a challenge. Undeterred, an idea sparked within me – why not leverage my own passion for art  and painting to create a one-of-a-kind experience?

With a proposal titled 'Emotional, Abstract Art', I envisioned an immersive painting journey where participants could break free from the confines of their thoughts and embrace the flow of creativity. The response from Wooga was enthusiastic, and plans were set in motion.

Preparation was key. Armed with painting materials and a structured agenda, I arrived at Wooga's vibrant office space in Berlin's district Prenzlauer Berg, adorned with colorful nods to their gaming universe. The stage was set for a memorable Team Painting Workshop.

As participants trickled in, we kicked off with a moment of silent meditation, allowing everyone to shed the day's stresses and immerse themselves fully in the creative experience. With soothing electronic beats in the background, the atmosphere was relaxed, yet with anticipation.

The Painting Workshop unfolded in three distinct phases, each designed to unlock layers of creativity.

First, participants delved into background painting, using tape to carve out spaces for their imaginations to roam freely. A short break to allow the first layer of paint to dry offered moments of reflection and camaraderie before moving on to the next phase.

Next came the geometric shapes, where blank areas emerged from the canvas after the tape was removed from the first part. These blank spaces were just waiting to be transformed into bold expressions of individuality. With each stroke, the participants embraced the freedom to experiment and explore.

Finally, special effects added the finishing touches, with toothbrushes wielded as tools of spontaneity. The results were awe-inspiring – a vibrant tapestry of emotions and interpretations captured on canvas.

In a culminating moment of sharing, participants unveiled their creations, offering insights into their artistic journeys. From abstract marvels to poignant reflections, each artwork bore the imprint of its creator's soul.

As the Painting Workshop drew to a close, it was evident that something special had transpired. Beyond the strokes of paint lay a deeper connection forged through shared experience and creative expression.

To the team at Wooga, I extend heartfelt thanks for entrusting us with this opportunity to create magic together. Your openness to embracing creativity speaks volumes about your commitment to fostering a dynamic workplace culture.

And to all those seeking to infuse their teams with inspiration and unity, I extend an invitation to embark on your own creative journey. Whether through painting, sculpture, or another medium, the possibilities are endless – and we're here to help bring your vision to life.

Until next time, may your canvases be filled with vibrant hues and boundless imagination.

Kat and Team subcultours

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