WHAT? Meet Indian-born but Dresden-based artist and photographer Priyanka in her cosy home and bathroom in Dresden's Neustadt. Create your own 'Cyanotype' prints and get exclusive insights in the world of analogue photography. You will walk out with lots inspirational stories, a belly full of tasty Indian snacks, one Cyanotype postcard print, one small bag printed and one art print!

ADD ONS? Indian snacks and drinks

LANGUAGES? English, German

WHERE? Neustadt - Dresden

WHEN? Wednesday 11pm, 3pm / Thursday 11am, 3pm / Friday 11am, 2pm

DURATION? ca. 3.30h

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Hi!! Twelve years ago with only knowing how to take out the square root of hypotenuse and deriving physics equations in school, I picked up my first pencil to draw… From mechanical drawings to dashes and dabs of paint, I concluded my formal education in Art (for now) after four years of College of Art (New Delhi), two years in National Institute of Design and an exchange to the University for the Creative Arts (UK). Even though as a child my first words were not 'Camera' or 'Paint', but after my formal education in Art and Photography, I began a love affair with 'Art' that I never want to divorce. I am an Indian born artist now based in the Picturesque city of Dresden in Germany.  

My love for photography did not begin with taking pictures but rather in the dingiest place on earth, 'The Darkroom'. The pleasure of seeing photographs come alive from no where via mere chemicals was no more than a magic trick for me. This love for printing meant I had to take photographs and had to learn tricks and techniques of the trade. 

While the dingy darkroom is my love for printing, sunny skies and greens and whites of nature are my love for clicking. The only way I get pleasure out of Digital Photography is if the darkroom magic is compensated with Extreme action in front of my lens. I have had the privilege of working with Brands like Redbull, Nike, Sports Illustrated, Outdoor Journal, Wildcraft, Google and many more. Working on the field has taught me more than any institution. 

While I am also an artist who loves to sketch, I feel a different 'Creative Want' of photographing or sketching a subject. The subject or scene usually dictates which creative medium I must use. At present I climb mountains...paint walls, shoes and almost anything that comes my way. Ceramics, photographs, painitings, illustrations, they all excite me and I either mix them all or work with them as individual media to make works of art.


Imagination or Discovery, Bathroom or Darkroom, Blue or Cyan, Fact or Fiction, Sunlight or UV, Photograph or Painting... There is no fine line in my subcultours. You decide the line and then we all take that journey forward! 
You will witness magic like never before and photography more like an artist than photographer limited to his camera's ability. From setting up your own darkroom to converting regular paper and bags into photographs and regular boxes into cameras. I will show it all. You will be able to make your own 'Cyanotype' prints by the end of this workshop. From setup to finished product, you will walk out confident to take on the Analogue world! You will walk out with one Cyanotype postcard print, one small bag printed and one art print. If time permits, you are welcome to create more art, too. 

Indian snacks and tales of art and adventure from the exotic land (including negatives to choose and print from) too will be part of this experience. So leave your cameras behind for this photography experience and join in the analogue fun!

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