An Artsy Walk - Street Art in Hamburg, Germany

Hey, this is Tati again.
This time I invite you to tag along for a stroll on the hunt for Hamburg Street Art. Let me show you the best Hamburg Street Art spots there are - to my mind at least :) !

Usually, I would start out in the middle of Sternschanze in Hamburg because that is basically the epicenter of Hamburg Street Art. But also of crowded streets.

So instead, let me take you to the more hidden Hamburg Street Art gems slightly off the super beaten track. (Here is the full Hamburg Street Art route for you.)


Get off at the subway station U Feldstraße near the "Green Bunker".

Cross the street and walk towards Mathildenstraße (full tour on Maps above).



On the walls, door entrances, and street corners, you can spot various Hamburg Street Art artists. To not spoil your own scavenger hunt, I will only introduce to a few artists. ;)

Hamburg Street Art for Rebels: Rebelzer

He became known to the public through his Freaks. Nordic and cheeky, they captivate with their simplicity - black lines on a white background - that seem to always be in good spirits.

You can spot the iconic Hamburg Street Art throughout the Karoviertel, Schanze and of course at the Sankt Pauli Millerntor Stadium -
Rebelzer always sticks to his unique style. Since 2009 there has even been a Rebelzer "Flagship Store" aka. his studio that you can visit. 

Hamburg Street Art meets Ceramics: Frau Jule’s Kunst

The signature move of "Frau Jule’s Kunst" is to spread her - at times thought-provoking, at times encouraging messages on old china plates throughout the different districts in Hamburg. (Pro tip: Count how many you can spot!)


"Liebe ist ein Tuwort! - Love is a word that implies doing!" by Frau Jule’s Kunst


"Riots not diets" by Frau Jule’s Kunst


"Hier für dich!" - Here for you! by Frau Jule’s Kunst

Walk towards Gängeviertel: 

At Gängeviertel, there is Hamburg Street Art everywhere!
The place, that is now run by the Gängeviertel association, used to be a slum in Hamburg - a result of a steep increase in inhabitants coming to the trade metropolis on the rise back in the 19th Century. The chaotic housing situations in various backyards brought in diseases such as cholera. 

Nowadays it is home to many Hamburg Street Art artworks and socio-cultural events are held in the area. The Gängeviertel in Hamburg wants to be a free space for everyone. In 2009, the historical residential quarter was almost destroyed, but 200 artists protested it and it was spared.

The colorful Gängeviertel used to be a slum in the 19th Century.

To finish off your Hamburg Street Art tour, you can have a coffee at one of the coffee stores nearby or if you feel the art calling you - let your creativity flow with one of the subcultours workshops in Hamburg. 

Not to miss for Hamburg Street Art Fans: Millerntor Gallery

More on Hamburg Street Art can be found here. There is also a great interactive map by vagabundler.
Enjoy wandering and discovering! 

Until next time,
Your Tati

Author and PR professional Tatjana Büchler (Photo Credits: Sarah Buth) 

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